I Tried Some Monolid Makeup Hacks And They Were Surprisingly Great

    Give your monolids some lovin'.

    Hi, I'm Lauren and I have monolids! For a very long time, I HATED my eyes.

    While I love my eyes now, my eye makeup could use a lil' switching up. So I tested a few popular makeup tips for monolids to see what more I can do with my eyes because it's about damn time they got some proper love.

    1. The hack: Save eyeliner by lining just the area that will actually show up on your open eyes.

    2. The hack: Blend your eyeshadows upwards, not outwards.

    3. The hack: Create some strong brows to help frame your eyes and bring out your natural features.

    4. The hack: Tightline your eyes to add more volume to your lashes.

    5. The hack: Let your natural eyes shine, and use a bold lip color instead.

    6. The hack: Swap your black eyeliner out for some color liner, or add it on top of your black liner.

    7. The hack: Create a fake crease with eyeshadow.

    8. The hack: With a very precise liquid eyeliner, create "more" lower lashes by drawing short, thin lines.

    9. The hack: Try some funky eyeliner.

    10. The hack: Use primer to keep your eye makeup from slippin'.

    As a monolidded lady, I'm happy to know there are a lot of tricks out there to help us that don't require you to be a makeup guru. But it's all about practice and having fun, so just try everything — you might surprise yourself!