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    34 Monolid Makeup Tips You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

    All the single liddies put ya hands up!

    If you're a fellow monolid who also likes makeup, you understand the struggle of finding makeup tutorials that apply to your eye shape.

    So, in an attempt to help us all, here is a comprehensive list of pretty much all the makeup tips on the internet that actually apply to us, the solo-lidded.

    1. If you're not on the eyelash primer game, you NEED to get on the eyelash primer game.

    2. Find yourself with the dreaded raccoon eyes? Try some eyeshadow primer.

    3. If you have straight, downward-facing lashes, try some waterproof, curling mascara.

    4. Or maybe a pair of falsies.

    5. And curl your lashes the "monolid way."

    6. Try some contouring around your eyes.

    7. Strong eyebrows will frame your face and bring out your natural features.

    8. Highlight that wonderful face of yours.

    9. Instead of putting your darker eyeshadow in the outer V of your eye, try this vertical gradient eyeshadow technique.

    10. Choose a bright eyeshadow color and run with it.

    11. Or focus on your lips instead with a bold lipstick.

    12. Give cream shadows a try.

    13. Add a little magic to your eyes with this ~floating eyeliner~ trick.

    14. Waterproof makeup means no more annoying little black smudgies in the outer corners of your eyes.

    15. Tightline to add volume to your lashes.

    16. Go for these natural shades to nail that no-makeup makeup look.

    17. Sweep a light brown or shimmery color under your eyes to make them really stand out.

    18. Change things up and try a colorful eyeliner instead.

    19. Or sweep some colored eyeliner under your eyes.

    20. Shine bright like a diamond and highlight your inner corners!

    21. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend.

    22. Or maybe just fake a crease.

    23. Here's a colorful version of the cut crease technique that you can try as well:

    24. Line your eyes with some darker eyeshadow instead of eyeliner.

    25. Try brown eyeliner instead of black for a more natural look.

    26. Or rock the dramatic winged liner look.

    27. You can also set the eyeliner with some eyeshadow, to prevent unnecessary smudging.

    28. Make little marks for where your eyeliner would show with your eyes open.

    29. Add some nude or white eyeliner to your bottom waterline.

    30. And then try some soft eyeliner UNDER that.

    31. Connect your upper and lower lids by putting a darker color in the outer corners of your eye for wider eyes.

    32. Sneakily draw in dots/lines to your lower lashes.

    33. Pop some shimmer on the center of your lids.

    34. Lastly, get a little funky with some conceptual eyeliner.

    Whether you try any or all of these tips, remember that with or without makeup, monolids are beautiful. You are beautiful. We are all beautiful. Do whatever feels good to you, and go forth and be your great monolidded self!