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    Even If You Have A Limited Budget, These 31 Things From Wayfair Will Help You Upgrade Your Home

    Upgrading your home on a budget has never been easier thanks to the products below.

    1. A plush comforter set that will make your bedroom feel new again. It's important to mention that it's machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, and super cozy. You'll have to resist the urge to stay in bed all day.

    White comforter on bed

    2. A set of 100% cotton towels that are so fluffy and absorbent they'll last years. These will give your bathroom and home a facelift when in a bind. Opt for a bright color to show a little personality!

    Teal bath towels sitting on bathroom sink

    3. A colorful throw blanket that will add a pop to whatever room you style it. Add two of these to your blanket collection, so you'll never have to choose whether to use on the couch or in bed!

    Yellow blanket draped over accent chair

    4. A new set of pillows because did you know you're supposed to switch out your pillows every one to two years? Well, now you do, and you won't think twice, resting your head on these!

    Pillows placed on bed

    5. A stylish bath rug that won't make stepping out of the shower a dreaded experience. Your feet will stay warm and toasty when they land on this ultra-absorbent mat.

    Bathroom mat sitting in bathroom

    6. An affordable chandelier that will instantly modernize and brighten up your place. Outdated light fixtures are a sure way to make your home look frumpy.

    Chandelier in dining area

    7. An abstract rug to quickly revamp the feel of your living room. Adding a new carpet is a budget-friendly solution instead of spending tons of money on new furniture.

    Rug in living room

    8. A wicker laundry basket that will inconspicuously sit in your bathroom corner. The bamboo design is so chic you'll forget it's holding all your dirty clothes.

    Wicker laundry basket in bathroom

    9. A set of assorted glassware that will make you *actually* excited to drink water every day. These are simple, sturdy, and fit comfortably in any hand size. It's the little things that count when it comes to upgrading.

    Tall and short glasses with strawberry lemonade inside

    10. A set of gingham sheets that brings the spring cheer to your bedroom. A quick sheet refresh is just the thing your home needs this year.

    Gingham sheets on bed

    11. A fake plant because no matter what you do, you can't keep one alive. The best part? It comes with the basket and can be virtually anywhere in your apartment.

    Fake plant in living room

    12. A wall mirror that will make your bathroom feel newly redesigned. Every morning you'll wonder why you didn't install this sooner — it's so chic!

    Bathroom mirror hanging over vanity

    13. A set of decorative Turkish hand towels – they're a step above plain ivory towels. The 100% cotton will make sure you never walk out of the bathroom with wet hands again.

    Hand towels sitting on wicker stool

    14. A dinnerware set that won't make you dread hosting dinner parties. This 16-piece set includes dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, and rice bowls — there's not much more you could want.

    Dish set on wooden table

    15. A throw pillow to instantly elevate the design of your living room or bedroom. Adding one of these to your bed or couch will bring in color and texture.

    Mustard textured pillow

    16. A set of paintings that will pull out the colors you have in your living room. An abstract and bright painting is just what you need to upgrade your space.

    Set of abstract paintings over table decor

    17. A set of red and white wineglasses, because these will add quality without the hefty price tag. Most reviewers have noted that the glasses are larger than expected, a wine lover's dream come true!

    Wine glasses on kitchen counter

    18. A set of wicker placemats that are a step above the typical cloth. These are the best for messy eaters because all you have to do is lift and dump any crumbs in the sink. They're sturdy and stylish.

    Wicker placemat on table

    19. A sculpture, because your everyday décor needs some flare. This style is one of the hottest home trends of 2021; you can see them anywhere. You won't regret having one of these on your coffee table, mantle, or even bedside table.

    Starburst sculptures on table

    20. A bathroom accessory set that adds order, in no time, to your messy bathroom. While it adds structure, it softens the look of bathroom necessities.

    Bathroom accessory set on bathroom counter

    21. A subtle piece of wall art to bring your apartment walls to life. The subtlety of this painting allows it to go with most décor and in any room.

    Abstract painting on wall

    22. A set of blackout curtains that are both functional and beautiful. Blackout curtains are famously expensive, but they don't have to be. They are the perfect addition to your upgraded space.

    Black out curtains in hanging in living room

    23. An outdoor mat so guests won't be tracking in mud or water. The 100% coir makes wiping shoes simple, and the design adds a sense of welcome.

    Outdoor mat on porch

    24. A ceramic table vase to hold a bouquet that will make your coffee table eye-catching. Inserting a dramatic vase into your space is a budget-friendly way to refresh it.

    Ceramic vase

    25. A metal basket that'll house your favorite throw blankets and so much more. With this quick organizational hack, you won't worry about tripping over randomness in your living room again.

    Metal basket holding blankets

    26. A cubby shelf to show off your favorite decorations. Hang this in your entryway to be used as both a shelf and decor piece.

    Cubbies mounted on wall

    27. A gold flatware set that will make you put the stainless steel away for a while. We can't resist the glamour and functionality of these.

    Gold silverware

    28. A not-so-average storage bench, because this is a simple way to modernize your bedroom. While you might not be able to replace everything, this is a good start. Store your books, blankets, childhood memories, and so much more!

    Storage bench in bedroom

    29. A crossword puzzle print that will provide some entertainment while you're in the bathroom. The witty saying at the top has me laughing already, and I'm sure your guests will enjoy it.

    Crossword puzzle print

    30. A classic throw pillow to replace the one your dog has deemed its new bed.

    Classic throw pillow on cream couch

    31. A serving dish that you'll pull out for all your dinner parties. Serve salad, pasta, or side dishes in these sturdy bowls. Did I mention they're dishwasher-, oven-, and microwave-safe? We're sold!

    Serving bowl with salad inside

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