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    29 Jokes About "Ted Lasso" That Will Never Not Be Funny

    Do not even get me started on *someone whose name begins with an N and ends with an E.*

    Last week, the Season 2 finale of Ted Lasso dropped on Apple TV+, and let's just say fans are seething.

    The entire #TedLasso fandom assembling to find Nate:

    Twitter: @CatchingClassic

    And just in case this wasn't enough of a warning, please know there are some 🚨MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    And sadly, because we'll probably have to wait a year or so until the next season, many, many fans — myself included —don't really know what to do with themselves.

    i won’t be waking up to a new ted lasso episode???

    Twitter: @lorelaiswelton

    So, in proper Ted Lasso fashion, lemme cheer you up a lil' with some of the best (and my personal favorite) tweets about the show:

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    Buy me a dancin' dress and call me Fancy! You’re welcome at the Dog Track anytime, Reba. We’ll leave your tickets under “Roy Kent” 😉

    Twitter: @TedLasso


    Crying over the greyhound in a helmet in Ted Lasso. I love him

    Twitter: @cheypreston


    just watched ted lasso s2 finale 🧍‍♀️

    Twitter: @milfsexuals


    I just want to read a romance novel that feels the way Roy Kent's growl does.

    Twitter: @ericsmithrocks


    find a man who looks at you the way ted lasso looks at roy kent

    Twitter: @kindestcuts


    “it’s like a renaissance painting depicting masculine melancholy.” #TedLasso

    Twitter: @wIwperkins / Art Collection 2 / Alamy


    me 2 minutes into the ted lasso hiatus:

    Twitter: @hiipstec


    Ted Lasso is the best show on television…but Nate sucks. Source: Trent Crimm, The Independent

    Twitter: @JoePompliano


    this is what jamie sends to roy ever since the signal #tedlasso

    Twitter: @Iedtasso


    what if the sport from ted lasso was real

    Twitter: @ElsieKFisher


    Roy Kent should be the next James Bond. Change my mind.

    Twitter: @travisakers


    Twitter: @sempreinansia


    Friendly reminder that we don’t deserve Roy Kent #TedLasso

    Twitter: @SebastianPosey


    CONFIRMED: The next season is Ted Lasso coaching Squid Game.

    Twitter: @hodgman


    Where is a cynical person supposed to get their optimism without new episodes of Ted Lasso

    Twitter: @thor_benson


    Be as loyal as Coach Beard. Be as real as Roy Kent. Be as generous as Higgins. Be as strong as Rebecca. Be as honest as Jens. Be as kind as Sam. Be as Encouraging as Ceeley. Be as joyful as Danny. Be as curious as Ted. Just don’t be Nate, don’t ever be Nate. #TedLasso

    Twitter: @revheath


    Roy Kent is a perfect example of someone who is kind but not nice.

    Twitter: @battymamzelle


    I want a Gilmore Girls remake but this time with Sassy and Nora from @TedLasso

    Twitter: @zoefarkas


    #TedLasso Beard: “Do better” Nate:

    Twitter: @jelevision


    ted lasso is like what if men were actually decent people

    Twitter: @PallaviGunalan


    Twitter: @tedlqsso


    Seeing the ripped BELIEVE sign in the finale. #TedLasso

    Twitter: @HeatonShelby


    I haven’t watched Ted Lasso but I can only imagine what the hell is going on in there to generate this many think pieces week by week. Like did they pivot from soccer to laboriously breaking down the Israeli Palestinian conflict

    Twitter: @caitiedelaney


    #TedLasso Me watching Ted putting the Believe sign in the pilot: YOOO THAT'S CRINGE AF Me watching the Believe sign ripped in half today:

    Twitter: @fonsythesnowman


    Twitter: @aikohwrites


    Twitter: @spacerosessx


    The show Ted lasso is not about “Ted being nice” you fucking dipshits. You absolute fools. It’s about Roy Kent being hot

    Twitter: @caithuls


    wild that Ted Lasso is massively successful bc the premise of “What If A Man Was Nice” is basically like science fiction

    Twitter: @JonnyAuping


    JOKER: wanna know how i got these scars? TED LASSO: well call me george because i am curious, but like a subpar board game store i got no clue. now let me be like stephen king in the 80s and work on it for a while. now- JOKER (rubbing temples): ok you know what, nevermind

    Twitter: @ben_rosen

    In conclusion,

    Anyway. Everything is bad. But Ted Lasso is so good. Watch Ted Lasso.

    Twitter: @molly_knight