21 Moments From "Stranger Things 3" That Hit You Right In The Feels

    Spoilers ahead!

    🚨 Warning: This post contains spoilers! 🚨

    1. When Dustin spent hours calling Suzie over the transmitter, but she never picked up.

    2. Dustin and Steve's nerdy lightsaber-themed handshake when they reunited after Dustin returned from camp.

    3. When Max took El shopping and they became actual friendship goals.

    4. When Joyce accidentally stood up Hopper for their "not-a-date" date.

    5. This super-heated argument when Will felt like a fifth wheel.

    6. Every single time the other reporters made fun of Nancy and made her pick up their lunches.

    7. This intense fight that practically ended Nancy and Jonathan's relationship.

    8. When Dustin pledged his undying loyalty to Steve.

    9. When Mike finally admitted he loved El.

    10. When El relived some of Billy's childhood trauma while she searched through his memories.

    11. When Steve admitted his feelings for Robin.

    12. And then when Robin came out to Steve right after.

    13. Alexei's heartbreaking and totally unfair death at the carnival.

    14. When El lost her powers and couldn't figure out how to get them back.

    15. When Dustin begged for a response from his friends after he found out the Mind Flayer was at Starcourt.

    16. When Billy saved El from the Mind Flayer.

    17. And then was captured and killed in front of his little sister, Max.

    18. Hopper's heroic "death" after Joyce closed the door to the Upside Down.

    19. When Will promised he'd never join another Dungeons & Dragons party.

    20. When El read Hopper's dad speech he meant to give her months before.

    21. And, in the final moments of the season, when Joyce took one last look into her house before she and her family left Hawkins.

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