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What Horror Movie Scene Scared You So Bad, You Literally Never Watched It Again?

I want to be shaking in my boots.

If you're anything like me, then you probably LOVE when horror movies genuinely scare you, because it always feels like they did their job correctly.

Florence Pugh frowns as she's covered in flowers.

But have you ever felt so terrified and uneasy after watching a scene from a horror movie that you truly cannot ever watch it again?

Toni Collette stares in horror.

Maybe the needle stack scene from Saw II made you so uneasy that you could physically FEEL the character's pain, and you refuse to ever put yourself through that again.

A woman is crying as she is elbows deep inside a mountain of dirty syringes.

Or maybe you didn't realize you were afraid of clowns until this moment in It when Pennywise creeps out from the sewer.

Pennywise is talking to a child from inside the sewer and then when the child reaches in to retrieve his toy, Pennywise grows four rows of teeth and eats the kid.

Or perhaps you don't usually mind gory movies, but the “Jesus wept” moment in Hellraiser turned you off from blood and gore for good.

Pinhead staring and covered in blood.

Whatever it is, we really wanna know! Tell us which horror movie scene was so terrifying you refuse to watch it again and why. The best responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post.