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    17 Truly Hysterical Behind-The-Scenes Moments That Prove Pedro Pascal Is Too Good For This World

    There's nothing that makes me laugh more than the time Pedro Pascal told Oscar Isaac that he looked like the "angry eagle" muppet.

    1. First, when Pedro Pascal fully embraced his role as the internet's daddy, and even coined the phrase, "Daddy is a state of mind":

    Pedro saying he's a bigger daddy than Oscar Isaac because daddy is a state of mind

    2. When he took his daddy-ness a step further and asked the important questions, like what in the world is a "zaddy"?:

    interviewer saying zaddy is a step up above daddy

    3. And, when he read this thirst tweet and once again confirmed that he is our "cool, slutty daddy":

    pedro reading the tweet and saying yup, i am your cool, slutty daddy

    4. When he gave this stellar one-sentence long book review that would make even Goodreads jealous:

    "it's basically a 706 page book about uh death"

    5. When he told his best dad joke and things took a very dark turn:

    why did the monkey fall out of the tree? 'cause it was dead

    6. When he gave us his best laughing to crying performance yet, and also the best meme:

    pedro going from laughing to crying

    7. When he did a literal spit-take on The Earliest Show because he just couldn't contain his laughter:

    pedro saying there's hardly any water in his mug and someone saying, we're in a drought so climate change is very real and pedro spitting his water back into the mug from laughter

    8. When he took a lie detector test and realized that he subconsciously thinks he's a heartthrob and it gave him a new lease on life:

    pedro laughing after being asked if he looks at fan accounts calling him a heartthrob when he's feeling down

    9. When he imagined taking on the apocalypse in his versatile Game of Thrones robe:

    pedro saying he would take his robe from game of thrones to the apocalypse

    10. When he, fully of his own free will, told us what he's like when he's drunk:

    pedro saying that he gets smiley and sleepy and also wants to make out

    11. When he was on The Late Late Show With James Corden and had ZERO idea what was going on, but was just happy to be there:

    pedro asking what james and the other guest are talking about and then laughing because he's confused

    12. When he told Oscar Isaac that he does, in fact, look like a muppet:

    pedro saying oscar isaac looks like the angry eagle muppet

    13. When he proved that no matter what interview he's in, he just can't not be sarcastic:

    "my spanish doesn't usually involve conversations about investigating drug cartels"

    14. When he appeared at the Community table read reunion and literally could not get his lines out because he was laughing so hard:

    pedro on the zoom call struggling to get his line out because he's laughing

    15. When he announced to the world that he and Matt Damon have the best friendship anyone could ask for:

    while being interviewed on the red carpet, "matt damon just slapped me on the ass"

    16. When he clarified that yes, he does have a lot of text messages but only because he calls people instead of texting back:

    pedro's phone screen showing over 500 unread messages

    17. And finally, when he had this existential moment before successfully cracking a whip on national television:

    "what if this is one of those moments that i look back on for the rest of my life that i never come back from"