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    14 "Palm Springs" Behind-The-Scenes Secrets That Just Might Change How You Watch The Movie

    Nyles' iconic Hawaiian shirt actually started to get bleached from wearing it in the pool so much.

    Palm Springs dropped about a month ago on Hulu, and because we loved it so much, BuzzFeed chatted with the movie's costume designer, Colin Wilkes, who answered some of our burning questions about the movie.

    Here's everything we learned:

    1. Colin's approach to the movie's costumes was inspired a lot by classic comedies and rom-coms.

    2. Nyles' costume was actually inspired by a mixture of Leonardo DiCaprio's look in Romeo+Juliet, Gilligan's Island, and Andy Sweet's South Beach photography.

    3. During filming, Andy's iconic Hawaiian shirt actually started to get bleached from the chlorine in the pool...

    4. ...But luckily, Andy had a bunch of those iconic shirts on set.

    5. Sarah basically had two main costumes in the movie: 1) her band tee outfit, and 2) her bridesmaid dress. The two different outfits actually represented her mental and emotional states during the movie.

    6. Sarah's band tee was totally custom-made.

    7. Even though Nyles and Sarah's looks were so unique to who they are as characters, Colin also used colors to make sure the two complemented each other.

    8. Circles were deliberately used throughout the film to symbolize the never-ending time loop that Sarah and Nyles were caught in.

    9. Trevor's nudie suit was fully custom-made too.

    10. Because the nudie suit is so highly coveted by the cast and crew, there's been discussion about making some more just like it.

    11. Colin's personal favorite costume from the movie was actually Pia's pink dress, even though it doesn't get too much screen time.

    12. Tala's wedding aesthetic was deliberately very soft and feminine so it could provide contrast to Sarah.

    13. During Nyles' birthday scene, it was actually implied that Sarah made her confetti cape along with all the decorations.

    14. Finally, Tala's wedding dress was actually the hardest piece to find, and searching for it was extremely "tedious."