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    18 "Glee" Moments Where Mr. Schuester Absolutely Outdid Himself On The Creepy Scale

    I mean, he probably shouldn't have sung "Endless Love" to a student.

    1. First, when he literally sang the "Thong Song" to his coworker that he had a MAJOR crush on:

    Emma's wearing her wedding dress and Will sings the "Thong Song"

    2. When he performed an overtly sexual version of Britney Spears' "Toxic" with his students in front of the entire school:

    He sings Toxic and kids scream to let them be his britney.

    3. When he twerked with a bunch of students and then sang "Blurred Lines" with them:

    Mr Schue watches the kids twerk and then he sings Blurred Lines to them

    4. When he had students join his "sexy" a cappella group, the Acafellas, AND let them perform alongside a teacher who was fired for being inappropriate with students:

    The Acafellas sing "I Just Wanna Sex You Up"

    5. When he welcomed students into his home, several times:

    The Glee kids sit in Mr Schue's living room and he gives them pizza

    6. When he lurked in the boys' locker room and listened to Finn sing while he was actively taking a shower:

    Finn sings "Can't Fight This Feeling" in the shower and Mr Schue watches him

    7. When he planted drugs in Finn's locker and blackmailed him, just so Finn would join the glee club:

    Mr Schue asks Finn why there's weed in his locker even though Schue is the one who put it there in the first place.

    8. When he actively bullied and fat-shamed Coach Beiste when he first started working at McKinley:

    Beiste cries and Sue and Schue laugh in the doorway. Then Beiste says that he thought Schue was the cool one, but turns out he was wrong

    9. When he had zero boundaries with the teenagers he taught...and even made one the best man at his wedding:

    Schue tells Finn, a 17 year old, that he's taught him more about being a man than anyone ever has

    10. When he ogled his female students whenever they performed:

    Schue ogles the students when they dance in front of him

    11. When he manipulated a colleague into thinking he had feelings for her, only to use her heartbreak to his advantage:

    12. When he told Marley she had to perform half-naked even if she didn't feel comfortable, and then when she didn't do it, he suspended her from glee club:

    Marley says she is who she is and won't change it for a number, then Mr. Schue tells her she put her personal agenda above the team and suspends her

    13. When he worked as a Spanish teacher even though he, legit, knew zero Spanish and performed a hugely offensive rendition of "La Cucaracha":

    Schue and students perform La Cucaracha, while his student look disgusted

    14. When he and Emma had sex in a school bathroom and got caught by a student:

    WIll and Emma run to the bathroom to have sex and then Becky walks by and hears noises in the bathroom so she goes to open the door, and then is scarred for life

    15. When he sang "Endless Love" to a student, who then developed an extremely unhealthy obsession with him:

    Schue sings Endless Love to Rachel and she's looking at him very intensely

    16. When he forced his underage students to do Rocky Horror, knowing just how inappropriate it was for a school setting and then literally took his clothes off and did "sexy" things inside a classroom:

    Emma rips off Mr. Schue's shirt as they sing "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me"

    17. When he rapped incessantly and did the absolute most while he danced, while trying so hard to relate to his students:

    Schue breakdancing in the choir room

    18. And of course, when Mr. Schuester told his students that they were all minorities...because they were in the glee club:

    He says, "You're all minorities. You're in the glee club"

    And I'm sure he did a lot more creepy things too. So, in the comments tell us your favorite (or least favorite) Mr. Schue moment.