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    Lea Michele's Pregnant At The Same Time Rachel Berry Was On "Glee," And The Gleeks Are Thriving

    The Gleeks are at it again!

    Here's Lea Michele — singer, actress, and star of the ever-iconic TV show Glee.

    And yesterday, People officially announced that Lea and her husband Zandy Reich are expecting their first child.

    But some Gleeks actually made the mind-blowing connection that Lea's character, Rachel Berry, ALSO was expecting a baby during 2020.

    the fact that lea michele and rachel berry are both pregnant in 2020

    Fox / Kevin Mazur / Getty

    However, in case you don't exactly remember that Glee episode, here's a refresher:

    During the Glee series finale, the show jumps five years into the future.


    Glee ended in 2015, so that means the time jump takes place in 2020, aka now.

    And we find out 1) Rachel Berry is nominated for — and wins — her first Tony Award.


    2) She's married to Jessie St. James.


    And 3) She's pregnant!


    On the show, she's a surrogate for Blaine and Kurt, but it still counts!!!

    Now that the Gleeks have heard the good news — and this wild coincidence — they absolutely cannot contain their excitement.

    lea michele getting pregnant the same year as rachel berry


    Congrats Lea Michele you're the Gleek of the week for getting pregnant at the same time as Rachel Berry


    lea michele being pregnant at the same time as rachel berry... and i thought she couldn’t be more of a gleek than she already was


    lea michele is pregnant the same year rachel berry was.... further proof that it’s unknown where lea michele starts and rachel berry ends

    So, here's to a happy Gleek-tastic coincidence. And to Lea and Zandy, we're sending you a ton of good vibes — congrats!!!


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