Jamie Lynn Spears And Paul Butcher Reunited Through A "Zoey 101" TikTok Challenge And I Can't Stop Smiling

    "Are you ready?"

    Believe it or not, it's been 15 entire years since the Nickelodeon classic Zoey 101 premiered on TV.

    And since then, the cast has been pretty busy...but not too busy for TikTok, of course.

    A few days ago, Jamie Lynn Spears and her daughter Maddie posted an at-home video of them dancing to a remixed version of "Follow Me" — aka the Zoey 101 theme song!!!

    And if you look a little bit closer at the video, you can see Jamie Lynn rocking Zoey Brooks's signature key necklace.

    Jamie Lynn also wore her PCA sweatshirt — which was the school Zoey went to, duh!

    And her former castmates were thrilled to see the video.

    And Paul was SO excited that he decided to join in on the fun:

    Lemme tell you, my tweenage heart is exploding rn!!!

    So, thank you so much, Jamie Lynn and Paul, for this glorious little social distancing gift. And as for the rest of the Zoey 101 cast: PLEASE give us a Zoom reunion!