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    Britney Spears Has Dealt With Some Horrible Interview Moments Throughout The Years — Here Are 11 That Weren't Okay Then And Definitely Aren't Okay Now

    Britney's interview with Diane Sawyer is probably one of the most brutal ones she's ever had to go through.

    This week, Britney Spears finally released her candid new memoir, The Woman in Me, in which she shares what it was like growing up in the limelight, her relationship with Justin Timberlake, and her conservatorship.

    Person holding the book and showing the cover

    For years, the media has covered so many of these pivotal moments in her life, so it's been refreshing to watch Britney reclaim her voice and share her own point of view. Of course, so many things about the way she was treated by the media have been completely reexamined for how horrible they really were — particularly some of the questions she fielded that, looking back, are completely inappropriate. Here are 11 of those truly awful interview moments she had to deal with:

    1. First, when she was just a teenager and this interviewer randomly brought up the topic of her breasts, and then joked about how she got upset over similar questions during prior interviews:

    Interview saying how Britney seems to get furious when a talk show host comes up with the subject of her breasts

    2. When this interviewer asked if Justin Timberlake was jealous that she kissed "another boy" in her movie, and she said no, because movies literally aren't real:

    Interviewer: "Did Justin see the movie? What did he think of it?" Britney: "Yes, he saw it and he liked it" Interviewer: "Was he jealous, seeing you kiss another boy?"  Britney: "No, it's just a movie, it's pretend; you're an adult, you should know that"

    3. When Diane Sawyer made her cry after bringing up her breakup with Justin Timberlake and insinuated that she insulted her fans*, so Britney asked to stop the interview:

    Diane noting that Britney's had a tough year, such as "illness in the family, a breakup," and Britney says "Yeah, it was a weird time; I'm embarrassed, can we stop for a second?" and starts crying

    4. And when Diane pulled out photos of Britney from different photo shoots and asked her where her clothes were:

    Diane looking at Britney's photos and asking her where her clothes are, and Britney says she's wearing clothes now; when Diane asks if it's about shocking people, Britney says she's comfortable in her skin and it's OK to express herself

    5. And then, when Diane told Britney that the then–first lady of Maryland, Kendall Ehrlich, said that she wanted to "shoot" her:

    Ehrlich says she might shoot Britney if she had the chance; Britney: "that's horrible," Diane: "Because of the example for kids, and how hard it is to be a parent and keep all of this away from your kids," Britney: "I'm not here to babysit her kids"

    6. When this interviewer asked why she told people she was a virgin, and she simply responded by saying she just answered the question she was asked:

    "Why did you let everybody know that you're still a virgin? Culture? Marketing? Religion?" Britney: "Well, because they asked me the question; and you know, from my experience, that's what I told them, that's why"

    7. When someone asked Britney how much she spent on her house, and she refused to answer:

    Britney saying her house is probably the most expensive thing she's ever bought, and when asked "How much?" she says "Um, that's none of your business"

    8. When Matt Lauer asked Britney if she thought people were rooting against her marriage with Kevin Federline, after she kept trying to reiterate that she was happy in her relationship:

    Britney says she doesn't know if people are rooting against the marriage, but "if they are, I think that's sad; I think everybody should be 'pro love'"

    9. And when Matt kept referring to Britney as a "bad mom" and questioned all of her choices, which were only amplified because of the constant paparazzi:

    Matt asking if being called a bad mom makes her weep, Britney says yes but she knows she's a good mom, Matt says the "family services people" are just doing their job by investigating, and Britney says "They didn't have to come"

    10. When this interviewer asked Britney if she would give her a kiss on the cheek, and Britney was speechless:

    "Would you dare giving me a kiss on the cheek?" And Britney says "A kiss on the cheek?" and looks shocked and confused

    11. And finally, when this interviewer asked how Britney felt about the constant questions about her virginity and then rudely followed up with a question about whether there were "any changes on that front":

    Interviewer asks how she feels about the constant speculation about her virginity, Britney says she wishes she'd never said anything; interviewer: "Have there been any changes on that front?" Britney: "That's a personal question"

    Make sure you check out Britney's memoir, The Woman in Me.

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