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    Instagrammer Rachel Bernstein Edits Characters From "GoT" And "Harry Potter" To Look Runway Ready And It's Truly Incredible

    Harry Potter and the "Ministry of Fabric."

    If you were ever curious about how Hermione Granger might look in Dior's latest collection, well, I'm pleased to tell you that the search is over.

    @Gryffindior is an Instagram account that does exactly that! It reimagines all of your fave Harry Potter and Game of Thrones characters in only the *most fashionable* lewks.

    And I👏LOVE👏IT.👏

    The account is run by Rachel Bernstein, a 26-year-old associate creative director for Moda Operandi, a digital fashion company based in NYC.

    Rachel told BuzzFeed that her inspiration came to her on the "first day at [her] current job." She said, "I needed a crash course in Photoshop, so I came up with this mini project to self-teach."

    Rachel remembers growing up with the Harry Potter franchise and admitted to being a "big fan" of GoT. She said, "Both have strong characters, with compelling storylines, so dressing each one in these designer clothes just works."

    Rachel also shared that the response has been incredible. She said, "Marc Jacobs was a big fan of seeing Sansa Stark in his S/S19 collection."

    She revealed that one edit can take "anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours" to create.

    Oftentimes, she'll look at Vogue or search around the internet for the looks, but she revealed that Dior has even sent over some images to use.

    While she does receive ideas and submissions in her DMs, she said that right now the account is just a "one-woman show."

    And she said that her account's sole purpose is really "just to make people laugh." She believes that "adding a little humor to the feed goes a long way."

    And I, for one, am 100% living for this humor on my feed. So here's to Rachel and her truly iconic "ministry of fabric!"

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