Here's What The "Fate: The Winx Saga" Cast Looks Like Next To The Cartoons They're Based On

    Not me suddenly caring about fictional fairies again...

    1. Bloom

    Abigail Cowen and the animated Bloom both have red hair and blue eyes

    2. Aisha

    Precious Mustapha and the animated Aisha are both wearing their hair in a ponytail

    3. Stella

    Hannah van der Westhuysen and the animated Stella are both blondes. The animated Stella is wearing a headband and a midriff-baring top while Hanna is dressed in warm Winter wear

    4. Musa

    Elisha Applebaum and the animated Musa both have their hair in pigtials

    5. Sky

    A closeup of Danny Griffin and the animated Sky who is dress in armor

    6. Riven

    A closeup of Freddie Thorp, who has short-cropped hair, and the animated Sky, who has purple hair and eyes

    7. Beatrix / The Trix

    The animated Beatrix sports a super-high ponytail and a cape to match her outfit

    8. Vanessa

    Closeup of Eva Birthistle and the animated Vaness

    9. Mike

    closeup of Josh Cowdery and the animated Mike

    10. And Queen Luna

    Kate Fleetwood wears a tweed jacket and a bejeweled necklace while the animated Queen Luna is dressed in a futuristic outfit that features a cape and a crescent moon headpiece