JoJo Siwa Just Re-Created An Iconic "Dance Moms" Scene, And 18 More Things Celebs Did On TikTok This Week

    "My husband thinks this is the weirdest trend."

    1. JoJo Siwa re-created "the scariest moment" of her entire life — that time Abby Lee Miller yelled at her:


    #duet with the scariest moment of my live

    ♬ original sound -

    2. Lizzo was honored to represent "big Black women" with her Vogue cover, and gave a shoutout to even more women doing the #VogueChallenge:


    I was honored to represent big black women w/ my Vogue cover... so I did the #voguechallenge to see some more... s/o to these beautiful women

    ♬ Gimme clout pls -

    3. Skai Jackson had some *very* important words for those friends who don't invite her out but say she "could've come anyway" — you know the type:


    I don’t even wanna go now 😭

    ♬ cArTi I wAnNa Go To PluTo - probsurdad

    4. Niall Horan collabed with Ashe to sing "Moral of the Story" from the ex-husband's point of view:


    #MoraloftheStory featuring me is out now !! @yourmomashe is a legend and we’re now going to be friends because of this. Hope you love this one

    ♬ Moral of the Story (feat. Niall Horan) - Ashe

    5. Jason Derulo collabed with a TON of famous TikTokers and low-key re-created an entire "For You" page in one video:

    6. Charli D'Amelio danced like the star she is while some shenanigans happened behind her:


    please let me know who made this dance!!!

    ♬ Freak by Doja Cat. On soundcloud - coenbeauty

    7. Millie Bobby Brown duetted with Noah Schnapp, and it's honestly everything I ever needed:


    #duet with @noahschnapp idk what this is

    ♬ butter foot - teaganfischbach

    8. Rickey Thompson danced around his house and proved that he deserves the hype, indeed:

    9. Addison Rae showed off her brand-new hairdo:

    10. Ashley Tisdale really gave the "Go Go Go, Who's Next?" challenge everything she's got:


    My husband thinks this is the weirdest trend

    ♬ Go Go Go Who's Next - Jyxo

    11. The Merrell Twins delivered a very literal interpretation of Nicki Minaj's "Starships":


    the content y’all have been waiting for ♡ @veronicamerrell

    ♬ Till i cant stand - noodles.edits.stuff

    12. Lil Yachty basically just blew everyone's mind after showing off his super-cool touchscreen toaster:

    13. Wiz Khalifa just proved he's father of the year after posting this adorable dance video with his son and Aimee Aguilar:


    @aimeeagsss #fyp 😂💯🔥🤘🏽💪🏾👑

    ♬ original sound - wizkhalifa

    14. David Dobrik caught Natalie Mariduena taking ~sunset selfies~ and she was not amused, to say the least:


    I love catching her while shes taking those sunset selfies hahahah @nataliemariduena

    ♬ original sound - daviddobrik

    15. Loren Gray jokingly tried the "Vogue Challenge":

    16. Patrick Starrr channeled his inner Lady Gaga — rain and all:

    17. Avani Gregg kept us all up-to-date on what she's been binge-watching — spoiler alert: It's The Amazing World of Gumball, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe.


    just finished watching all seasons of the amazing world of gumball. what cartoon do i start next?????

    ♬ We Don't Believe What's On TV - twenty one pilots

    18. Shay Mitchell shared some quality pampering time with her dog, Angel:

    19. And finally, Chase Stokes had a mini identity crisis after realizing he spent 23 hours and 13 minutes on TikTok: