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Blake Lively Deleted Everything On Her Instagram Except For One Post — Here's Why

Looks a little suspicious to me!

You probably woke up this morning thinking it would be just a regular day, but I'm here to tell you some very shocking news: Blake Lively has deleted everything — except one post — from her Instagram.

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So, that means all her adorable pics of her and her husband Ryan Reynolds are G-O-N-E.

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Here's what her Instagram looks like right now.

The only post that remains is this video from Sept. 19, of a trailer for her new movie The Rhythm Section.

And since this movie is set to hit theatres Jan. 31, 2020, I think it's safe to assume that this is just a publicity stunt. But TBH, I'm really gonna miss all those cute pics.

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Here's to hoping Blake didn't fully delete everything and just archived those missing posts, so she can add them back to her grid soon!

If this seems familiar to you, then you're correct! Last year, Blake pulled a similar stunt by deleting everything AND unfollowing Ryan.


Then, she followed a bunch of women named Emily Nelson.

Luckily, it was to promote her movie A Simple Favor, where she played — you guessed it — a woman named Emily Nelson.


So, no need to get too alarmed just yet, because it's very likely that her Instagram will be back to normal very soon.

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