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Which 812 Lady Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which lit 812 lady you are. Are you a Lauren, Ashleigh, Hannah, or Danielle?

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  1. Scenario: you make a 40 on an exam, what do you do next?

    Totally freak out, email your professor, and change your major
    Threaten suicide and then take a nap
    That doesn't happen because your major is easy
    Call your mom and say "I'm dead"
  2. Are you dating a twin?

    Nah fam
    Oh yeah, definitely
    Umm, duh
    Technically yes
  3. What's your typical catchphrase?

    Why are you like this
  4. How many siblings did you grow up with?

  5. If you're getting take out, where is it from?

  6. What do you do in your free time?

    Cleaning or organizing
    Checking ESPN notifications
    Study for an exam three weeks away
  7. What's your favorite drink?

    Sweet tea
    Juice boxes
  8. What's your favorite genre of music?

    Either county or rap
    Are boy bands a genre?
    Anything Broadway
  9. What are you usually doing on the weekends?

    Going to see your boyfriend
    Going home to eat
    Studying or eating
    Going to a concert
  10. You are what you Netflix...

    Criminal Minds
    Grey's Anatomy
  11. What's one word that best describes you?


Which 812 Lady Are You?

You got: I'm a Lauren!

You're probably most seen sleeping, at Zaxby's, or at a concert. You're pretty picky when it comes to food, but you're always down for chicken nuggets. Common activities include online shopping and picking up packages from the Woodlands clubhouse, stalking bands such as 5 Seconds of Summer, and FaceTiming your boyfriend. If you're awkwardly tall and have difficulty accepting your new hair color, you're a Lauren.

I'm a Lauren!
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You got: I'm an Ashleigh!

If you overthink life in general, you're definitely an Ashleigh. You can be found studying with a group, picking up Chipotle, or taking sweet tea through an IV. You're a good girl, but you probably know every lyric to any rap song.

I'm an Ashleigh!
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You got: I'm a Hannah!

If you're short and sassy, you're probably a Hannah. You enjoy helping others, eating with friends, and all things coffee related. You can be found in Tillman, your apartment, Death Valley, or Newberry.

I'm a Hannah!
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You got: I'm a Danielle!

You probably have expensive taste, enjoy making ice cream, and watching Netflix in your free time. You're most likely not dating a twin and you currently don't have blonde hair. You might be spoiled, but you're a total princess and everyone loves you.

I'm a Danielle!
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