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I Went On A Hunt For The Best Pizza In Queens

Pro-Tip: Do not try and eat 8 slices of pizza in a 4-hour period.

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1. Carlos Pizza, Middle Village

Lauren Eden

Can you look at that cheese? It's literally glistening. When your pizza is prettier than you :/ But really, the highlight of this slice was dat cheese. Crust was a bit disappointing. For those who don't eat crust, I guess this won't be an issue for you. You're also weird AF.

2. Dani's House of Pizza, Kew Gardens

Lauren Eden

I inhaled this slice so quickly I almost forgot to taste. But I remembered just in time for me to tell you to GO EAT THIS PIZZA. The sauce was super sweet with some herby flava'. And the thin crust was so perfect I was nearly in tears.

3. Nick's Pizza, Forest Hills

Lauren Eden

OK, OK I know every other pizza on this list is a traditional NY style slice but let's not discriminate here. Sometimes you just need to order a whole pie to test your determination and perseverance. You either beat the pizza or you let the pizza beat you. BTW, these crispy, light semi-charred pies are addicting. I owned this pizza.

4. New Park Pizza, Howard Beach

Lauren Eden

Do I smell a champion? Indeed, I do. Sauce to cheese ratio was spot on.I was overly stuffed but finessed two slices out of this spot. #testyourlimits


Lauren Eden

I feel like if I were a pizza, this would be me: a little more thick than the average New Yorker, not super zesty but just the right amount of tang. I BLEED PIZZA SAUCE.

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