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Tips When Getting A Psychic Reading

Every Psychic Reader is different. Here are some tips when going in for a session!

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When it comes to getting a psychic reading there are some things to keep in mind. the first being that no two readers are alike.

Now I can only speak for myself and how I do psychic readings but I wanted to take a few moments to explain how I see things metaphysically and how I get the information for a reading.

The first thing I do is tap in to your energy. When I use the words tap in - I mean I enter your energetic space. From here I can basically feel what you are feeling. I can see the world through your eyes. I'll start describing what I am feeling so you know I'm connected to you energetically.

After that I'll start by looking at your energetic signature. Here is where a whole bunch of things start to happen. I'll either start by going through your chakras and reading what each one looks like. Each chakra has information in it.

Then I'll look at your overall energy signature found in different parts of your body. Parts of your body start to glow. I'll either see these areas as pictures or symbols that give me insight into what is going on in your life.

For instance, I may see a rope around your waist - many times this symbolizes you are tied to a situation in your past somehow.

When I see handcuffs around your wrists this often time lends to you being a giver. Most of the times you give to the point of exhaustion and don't fill yourself back up. This may also mean that you are highly connected to family as well.

Basically I ask the energy what it means. So whatever I see, I focus in on it and ask it what it means. I then listen to what it tells me of the meaning. Energy talks easily and readily tells me what it's doing in your body. This gives a huge amount of insight in to what is going on in your life.

Then comes the energy of the situation you are asking about. This again forms a picture and gives clarity.

There are a couple different symbolic scenes that come up. In relationships - you look like flowers. How the flowers react to each other shows the nature of the relationship.

Your career/ financial path looks just like that - a path. Sometimes I see multiple paths, sometimes just one with objects in the road.

It all depends on the situation. Other symbols appear as well - and again, I ask the symbols what they mean.

The real fun of reading for me is that I read with my husband. We are both intuitives and read at the same time.

My husband reads differently from me as well. Yet find ourselves in the same vein of energy and delivering the same messages.

Often times we see the same symbols and can go deeper in to the situation.

Here are some tips we'd like to offer if you choose to go to a psychic. We found this can help you session as we want you to have an excellent experience.

Understand the Reader - All readers read differently. Some may hear things, others see, some just know. Many are a mixture of a few. Ask them before hand what you can expect, about their reading style and how they get their intuitive information.

Keep in mind that what you see on TV and the movies isn't what you are most likely going to experience in an actual session. It really depends on the reading style and how information is conveyed.

Ask them what kind of readings do they do. Don't be afraid to ask and if a reader can't answer that directly you may want to find another reader.

Don't go wanting to test -
Here is one we run in to a lot. People come to us for a reading and will say misleading information to see if we pick up on it. Honestly, this is a waste of our time. We are here to help bring clarity to your situation. Not be tested by a client.

Our best sessions are when people clearly state their question and just let us read the situation. When people come to us and ask a misleading question it just appears as a clouded picture. This doesn't help the readee at all and we don't understand how this is a fulfilling experience.

Be Open - If you go knowing what you want to hear most likely you will be disappointed. We see this a lot in relationship readings. You may want to hear so much that the person you have in mind wants to be with you but we may see it differently.

We can not just tell you what you want to hear. It is up to us to deliver messages from Spirit and just report what we see and feel. That is our job and we take it very seriously. We are not here to tell you stories of gum drops and unicorns. We are here to tell you what Source Energy has to say.

Be open to it and you'll get a lot out of your session.

Listen to the Answers - This goes hand in hand with the tip above. Many times we give an answer and the readee will literally ask the same question again. Why? They didn't hear the answer they wanted to hear.

Asking the same question over and over will not result in a different reply.

We like to encourage people to take notes. This helps you really see what we are saying and to see how it does apply to the situation.

There is a difference between hearing to understand and listening to get the answer you want.

Really hear what the reader is saying in your session. Stop and think about it a moment, write it down and make time to think about it more later.

Know You are not alone - Many times people come to us feeling so isolated like they are the only ones facing this particular situation.

What people need to realize that in one night, we can have the exact same situation come up multiple times.

It amazes us. We are all more connected than what we think and we all face things that others do as well. We don't want anyone to ever feel like they are the only ones facing a situation or that they can not get out of it.

This also lends to knowing that you are never a part from Spirit either. You have guides and angels around you all the time and you are never alone in any situation you face.

We hope this helps with your next psychic session. If you are interested in having an intuitive reading session, we are always her to help!

Until then

Much love and light,

Chris and Laura Trostel

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