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How To Survive Life As An Empath

Being an empath can sometimes feel like a curse. I'm here to help you see it's actually a gift and some tips on helping you to live with it.

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So disclaimer up front, I not only want you to survive as an empath but to thrive as one!

As an empath myself, I have some tips I've learned throughout the years to not only cope with this skill but to build it up to help others.

First off, what is an empath.

According to a google search on the definition of empath, here is what you may find:

(chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Don't you like how it's stated it's mostly found in science fiction! For those of use who do have this gift, we know it's not science fiction but a real life instance that we face everyday.

As I refer to being an empath as a gift, some of you might very well see it as a curse. It is a heavy load to bear to feel the feelings of others, sometimes unexpectedly or without warning.

When I was a child, I had no idea what an empath was or what was going on inside of me. I remember walking in to a restaurant and feeling this overwhelming emotion of sadness. It was crushing.

I could feel this strange pull towards this old man sitting at a table, eating by himself. It was like all this emotion was pouring out from him and somehow I could feel it.

It was then that I realized that all the emotions I actually felt were not necessarily mine. Although this didn't really help me as I entered my teen years and not only felt the emotions of my friends but carried them as well.

I was riddled with horrible anxiety attacks for reasons I couldn't explain. This is a scary experience for someone who doesn't understand they are dealing with emotions of others and not only their own.

As I got older I started to understand what being empathetic was. Although it's hard to see something as a gift when there are times it seems to take over parts of your life.

I've began to try and control the effects it has on me and now I can bring it on at will. This is especially useful in readings when you are initially trying to connect with someone.

When you can easily just feel how they are feeling, explain that to them and speak to their heart in this way it becomes a comfortable environment for them.

Being empathetic isn't always easy. Sometimes large crowds can be way to much. You can feel energy left behind on objects and it can effect you. Someone can walk past and all of a sudden you have that gut wrenching feeling of an emotion that simply doesn't belong to you.

Here are a few tips to help you thrive as an empath and to see it as a gift and not a curse.

Be Aware – Being aware that you are an empath is a huge first step. If you are wondering if you are an empath here are some quick questions.

Can you sense the overall energy and emotions when you walk in to a room?

Do you seem to just know what others are feeling?

If someone is down, does that effect your mood as well?

Do you find yourself feeling that you need to withdraw from the world to escape harsh images and sad news stories?

Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds?

Do you prefer solitude to crowds?

Can you quickly and easily put yourself in someone else's shoes so to speak?

Do you suddenly start to feel emotions that don't seem to belong to you?

Now this is not an official test and it's my no means inclusive but if you answered yes to some of the above questions, most likely you are an empath.

It's Not All Yours – The biggest asset I use in being an empath is understanding that all these emotions that are going on around and inside of me are not all mine.

But how do you know?

I've found that the best way to know is to ask the emotion – are you mine or someone elses?

Depending on where your strengths lie you may hear a yes or no answer, you may feel it or you will just know it.

You have to train yourself to stop and ask the emotions whose they are.

This in itself helps you to manage what you may be feeling.

Bless the Emotion and Send it Away – If an emotion gives you an answer of NO that it does not belong to you. It's time to let it go.

Just because you can feel others emotions does not mean you carry them with you.

I've talked to many people that are empaths, and they believe they have to carry the emotion inside of themselves until they can fix it for the other person.

It's honestly not your job to fix them and carrying their emotions will not help them. In reality you are just feeling what they are feeling not taking it away from them.

So it does not serve a purpose to overwhelm yourself with these emotions.

Here is what you can do.

See the emotion as a color – any color you wish. See it all rising out of you body and send it towards God's Light. Wish it love and light and send healing white light to your self and to whomever the emotions belonged to.

Realize you can use this to help others – I now use this gift like I would a coat. I put it on and take it off. When I'm reading someone, I imagine their emotions are a coat. I put them on and feel them, move around in them and try to understand how that person is feeling.

I can then really connect with them and see where they are coming from.

After the reading is over – I take off the coat. It's not my job to carry it for them but to help them through their own process and self journey.

Being an empath may seem like a curse at first. Especially when you are struggling to understand what is really happening with you.

I'd love to hear your experiences as an empath, how do you cope, and what are you thankful for with this gift?

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