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Facebook Live - Ghost Stories

Chris and Laura sat down with Steph Brady, a ghost hunter in Texas, to hear about her real life ghost stories.

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Facebook Live - Ghost Stories

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Tune in to hear real life ghost stories from ghost hunter Steph Brady.

Chris and Laura Trostel of sat down with Steph Brady, a ghost hunter in Texas.

We asked her what got her in to this ghost hunting profession. Steph described a paranormal experience from college. Her boyfriend died and after that she saw an opaque figure three nights in a row that blocked her from getting up. She was convinced it was him. Ever since then she has been interested in the paranormal and ghost hunting.

Steph and her team venture in to the houses and conduct research on the ghosts or spirits that reside there. They then proceed to clear the house. She says they do this in one of three ways.

When asked when her team gets calls from people she told us it most likely happens when people actually start to get scared. She said people start to get pulled from their beds at night, they feel heavy pressure on their chest, noises and other unexplained events.

We asked how these spirits get in to the home and it seems any number of ways. From inviting them in through the Ouija board and seances to them simply following you home because you are comforting to them.

She believes heavily in protection and cleansing. Using sea salt, sage and other blessed objects to accomplish both.

Watch the video for the full interview and let us know your own ghostly encounters!

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