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Londoners Took The Piss Out Of The Misspelled Station Signs In "Waltamstow"

There's no spell-checker more eagle-eyed than people on the internet.

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Walthamstow Central station in North London got some shiny new signs this Friday, thanks to renovation works, but something was amiss...

Commuters quickly pointed out that a crucial "H" was missing from the new station sign.

Welcome to #waltamstow @diamondgeezer

And so it passed that Walthamstow was briefly re-christened "Waltamstow".

#Waltamstow is now more popular than #Awesomestow with #walthamstow a distant 3rd

100% preferable to its recent incarnation as "Awsomestow".

A spokesperson for TfL told BuzzFeed news that the signs were in the process of being replaced by correctly-spelled ones overnight, but some locals seemed happy to embrace the new spelling.

I've had to make an amend to my Welcome to Walthamstow print. #walthamstow #waltamstow #tfl


"Waltamstow" quickly settled into the day-to-day tube-chat.

REMEMBER: There is no Victoria Line from today until August 30th between Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central. #Waltamstow is not affected

But others demanded their "H" back.

what the 'ell. Where's my H #waltamstow

MP for Walthamstow, Stella Creasy, set about winning the missing letter back for her constituency.

Waltamstow - I have asked @TfLTravelAlerts to let me know ASAP when we get our 'H' back at central station....will keep you posted!

In a statement, Jon Fox, TfL's Director of London Rail, said: "I hope customers won't be offended by what was a genuine mistake. We're sorry for what happened and will be replacing the signs as soon as possible."

Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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