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This Is How The Internet Reacted To Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Leadership Victory

Brace yourself for Tom and Jerry jokes.

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Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the leader of the Labour party, and a lot of people on the internet are pretty pleased about it.

Labour just became a party I can get behind again, after 18 years. It's been a long time coming. #labourleadership @jeremycorbyn

I could not be happier with today's #labourleadership election news. I'm filled with HOPE. Things can change, I believe it #soppyliberal

Yes yes yes Jeremy corbyn... Now let's fix this country #jezwedid

Others, less so...

So #JeremyCorbyn is the new Labour leader. We're all doomed. 😢

Just take a step back, chill and think, do you really want a back bencher to have a diplomatic decision making role? #labourleadership

I'm happy about @jeremycorbyn and @tom_watson, but AGAIN it's the (white) men running things. More women please, starting with @stellacreasy

But mostly people seemed happy for a stint of #labourleadership and chill.

No doubt the man himself is stoked.

Tom Watson will serve as deputy leader of the Labour party alongside Jeremy Corbyn, so inevitably, a lot of people are calling them Tom and Jerry

Text from George Osborne: "Labour being led by Tom and Jerry! BOOM! LOLZ" Awkward. #labourleadership

The Labour Party has elected Tom and Jerry as its leaders; that's all folks... #LabourLeadership


There's a sense we might hear this joke for a while...

So that's us all doomed to five years of Tom and Jerry headlines. #dear #labourleadership

Corbyn's resemblance to another great leader was duly noted.

Orbyn-Wan Kenorbyn has been elected the leader of The Labour Party. #CorbynWins

Tumblr users stayed on brand by giving the new leaders flower crowns.

The Millifandom have transferred their support accordingly.

Interviewer to us: who are you for then? Us: WE'RE ALL FOR CORBYN NOW

Andy Burnham doesn't seem to have got the memo.

Car pulls up where we are standing - back window rolls down slightly, top of Andy Burnhams head shows "THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ABBY" awh

Although that's the least of his troubles right now.


But nothing counts on the internet until it gets the all important Donald Trump retweet.

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