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Would You Like To Smell Tim Farron's Spaniel?

Not everyone would.

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Would you like to smell Tim Farron's spaniel?

The Liberal Democrat leader would quite like you to. Look, here he is on the campaign trail in Cambridge saying just that...

Did @timfarron really just ask voters to 'smell his spaniel'? #GE17

Farron was campaigning alongside the Lib Dem candidate for Cambridge, Julian Huppert. In the crowd, there was a lovely golden dog sporting a Lib Dem rosette.

Following a speech in which Farron called Labour the "worst opposition in human history" and encouraged Remain voters to back Lib Dems rather than "crying into your beer" over the Brexit vote, he was heard saying, "Would you like to smell my spaniel maybe?"

That's right, smell my spaniel.

“And I say to all of you. Go back to your constituencies and smell my spaniel”

Go on...

Not everybody seems to want to smell Tim's spaniel though.

'smell my spaniel' 'no' 'pls' 'go on then'

Some people were reminded of catchphrase king Alan Partridge.

Please tell me @AccidentalP is all over 'smell my spaniel'

The thing is, that dog looks like it could be another breed...

When asked how the Lib Dem leader felt about spaniels, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News: “He has one. Called Jasper.”

Farron perhaps was asking the dog in the crowd, rather than constituents themselves, to smell his spaniel, Jasper.

It appears Tim Farron was asking this sandy-coloured dog to smell his spaniel

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, meanwhile, had his own run-in with a dog while campaigning in Harlow.

Corbyn was talking about Labour's housing policies.

So there you go.

"That was Coalition Of Chaos with their 1998 hit, 'Smell My Spaniel'. Now let's go to Jane for a traffic update."

There are 41 days until the general election.

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