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There's A Really Important Reason Why Letters Are Disappearing From Signs In London

Give Blood NHS has found a novel way to encourage people to donate during #NationalBloodWeek.

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"There’s a decline year-on-year of the number of new people donating, and more than half of current donors are over 45," Give Blood NHS's head of PR, Andrea Ttofa, told BuzzFeed News.

We've lost our As, Bs and Os in support of @GiveBloodNHS, help replace them by giving blood #missingtype

"It’s important to take action now in order to maintain a safe supply of blood for the future," she continued.


The campaign also encourages people to drop the As, Os, and Bs from their Twitter names to raise awareness of the need for new blood donors.

I've lost my A and O in support of @GiveBloodNHS #MissingType Register at

A number of brands have embraced the campaign.

"We have the biggest social media following of any blood service in the world and a very engaged community, but they’re often people who have already donated themselves," Ttofa said.

Wh_t's g_ing _n? #missingtype @Campaignmag

The NHS says having a strong supply of all blood types is essential in treating a number of illnesses.

Without A & B I'd be almost gone - a blood transfusion saved my life 9 years ago. Forever grateful #MissingType #giveblood

"This is about always being able to provide for the future," Ttofa said.

Find out how you can register to donate blood and find a public blood donation session in your local area here.

Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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