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    Police Are Investigating Post-Brexit Hate Mail Being Sent To Polish People In Britain

    "We are looking to reassure the community and conducting patrols," a spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police told BuzzFeed News.

    Police are investigating reports of hate mail being posted through letterboxes of Polish people living in Cambridgeshire in the wake of Britain voting to leave the European Union.

    "We have received a report from a member of the public of hate mail that’s been posted through letterboxes of Polish residents," a spokesperson for Cambridgeshire police told BuzzFeed News.

    "This would constitute a crime and we are investigating it."

    Similar notes have been found outside St Peter's School in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, according to Cambridge Evening News.

    One Polish student told the paper the notes made him "really sad".

    "The teaching assistants were picking them up and throwing them away because they thought they were racist," he added.

    Immigration was a key issue in the Leave campaign's battle to win votes, in an approach criticised as xenophobic.

    In the days after the announcement that 51.9% of voters had opted for a Brexit, there were multiple accounts of racial abuse being shared on social media.

    Many related to the fact that the Leave campaign promised to reduce immigration.

    This evening my daughter left work in Birmingham and saw group of lads corner a Muslim girl shouting "Get out, we voted leave". Awful times

    "Table next to me says to Polish waitress "How come you're so cheerful? You're going home." Him and the missus started laughing." Disgusting

    Yesterday, a (white English) man called me a foreigner. Out loud. My first experience of casual racism in London, ever. Thanks, Brexit.

    This is not the post Brexit Britain we want to see. Politicians from all sides need to speak out #MoreInCommon

    "We are looking to reassure the community and conducting patrols and enquiries," the police spokesman added.

    "We would appeal to anybody affected, or who may have any information that could aid our investigation to please contact 101."