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Pokémon Go Crashed After Being Released In 26 New Countries

Nobody knows what to do with themselves. UPDATE: The servers are fixed and you can play Pokémon once more.

Pokémon Go was a no-go on Saturday after huge demand crashed servers and users were unable to log onto the app.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

Since launching in the UK and US this month, Pokémon Go has seen millions of users roaming the streets in search of animated creatures as part of the augmented reality game.

On Saturday the app became available in 26 new countries including Iceland, Slovenia, Greece, Austria and Belgium.

Shortly after, there were reports of massive server outages, preventing users from accessing the game.

Hang in there, Trainers! All servers are still down. #PokemonGO

"Our servers are humbled by your incredible response," an error message within the app read.

The message said that the Pokémon Go was working to restore service and asked users to please try again soon.

The game's official Twitter account tweeted to say developers were "working to fix" server issues.

Trainers! We have been working to fix the #PokemonGO server issues. Thank you for your patience. We'll post an update soon.

An unofficial Pokémon Go support account, Pokémon Go Servers, which is followed by more than 40,000 people, tweeted: "As of now there is no ETA for when the servers will be back online. I will keep everyone updated as for when people can log in!".

The Niantic team right now trying to fix the servers. #PokemonGO

The Pokémon Go Servers account later reported that some "trainers," as users are called in the game, were beginning to be able to log back in.

Which is fortunate, because without the app, a lot of people aren't really sure what to do with themselves...

most of the UK right now are like this, debating life and death because the #PokemonGO servers are down

#PokemonGo servers are down.....?! Half the world right now (including myself):

People couldn't understand the point in going out anymore if there weren't going to be any Pokémon there.

When you'd planned to go out & play #PokemonGo but the servers are down

While some suspected evil forces at work.

#PokemonGo servers are down... We all know who to blame for this


Pokémon Go is back up and running.

Early Sunday morning the official Pokémon Go account tweeted that their server issues had been identified meaning "trainers should once again be able to search for Pokémon in the real world."

The issues causing the server problems have been identified. Trainers should once again be able to search for Pokémon in the real world.

Go forth and catch 'em all, Poképals.

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