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    People In Paris Are Giving Blood For Victims Of The Terrorist Attacks

    Donations at weekly blood drives surged in a display of national solidarity.

    Parisians turned out in droves on Saturday morning to donate blood to support victims of Friday's terrorist attacks in the city.

    There was a huge surge in blood donations at Don Du Sang Paris's weekly blood drives at hospitals across the city, despite the French government's advice that people should stay indoors and the closure of several Metro lines.

    Des centaines de Parisiens donnent leur sang à la maison du don dans le 9ème arrondissement@itele #solidarite

    At Hospital St Antoine opposite Petit Cambodge restaurant, where many were killed when gunmen used assault rifles to open fire on the crowds, people queued for hours.

    Long line of people queuing to give blood at hospital opposite Le Petit Cambodge restaurant.

    Don Du Sang Paris thanked people for their display of national solidarity. "Formidable élan de solidarité des parisiens," it tweeted – "a tremendous boost of solidarity for Parisians".

    Parisians queue up across the city to donate blood #Paris #dondusang

    "The satisfactory level of reservations in blood products has helped to deal with the exceptional situation of this night," blood donor charity Etablissement Français du Sang-Ile de France said in a statement thanking the people of Paris for their compassion.

    But, it said, "10,000 donations are needed every day", and it urged people to come back later in the week.

    The charity said donation centres would be closed on Sunday.

    On Friday night more than 120 people were killed in shootings and explosions as terrorist attacks took place across multiple locations in Paris.

    French president François Hollande said the attacks were an "act of war" by ISIS.