People Are Sending Flowers To British Police After An Officer Was Killed In The Westminster Attack

    "He wanted officers to know that he thanked them for everything they do," Cheshire police said of a member of the public who sent flowers to officers.

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    People around the UK have been sending flowers to their local police forces after a police officer was killed during a terrorist attack in London on Wednesday.

    Many of the tributes included messages of condolence for PC Keith Palmer, the 48-year-old officer who died after he was stabbed outside the houses of parliament.

    We received flowers from a member of public in response to the events in London which saw the sad loss of innocent…

    The attacker, who also died after being shot by police, had just driven a car through crowds on nearby Westminster Bridge. At least two more people also died in the attack, and dozens were injured.

    "Across the country - here we are receiving the extending hands of international partners in love, support & shared determination," tweeted Lynne Owens, director general of the National Crime Agency, with a link to floral tributes that had been sent to Avon and Somerset police.

    Not sure who from. But left outside our own #WorcesterPoliceStation. Thank-you. @metpoliceuk @MPFed #WeStandTogether

    Avon and Somerset police said they were "deeply touched and very grateful to everyone who has visited our stations and sent in messages of support today".

    A Facebook post showing flowers delivered by a member of the public to Cheshire police on Wednesday evening said the man who sent them "wanted officers to know that he thanked them for everything they do".

    Delivery of beautiful flowers to Holbeach Police Station this morning - kind thoughts from a member of the public R…

    Elsewhere, many found other ways to pay tribute to police after Wednesday's attack. Sarah Barberini, an officer from Wakefield, Yorkshire, lit a candle in Palmer's memory, and tweeted thanks to her community for their "overwhelming" support.

    This morning I've lit a candle as a mark of respect. The support from my community has been overwhelming…

    After seeing a picture of his local liaison officer Søren D. Sozza in news coverage of the attack, Mark Oakley, who owns The Eagle pub in Vauxhall, situated near the attack, was moved to share his gratitude on Facebook.

    "This image has reinforced my love and respect for the many officers who I have worked with for many years and seeing how close this terror is to where I live and work, and knowing that one of his colleagues was murdered on our streets has deeply saddened me tonight," he wrote.

    Sozza was one of first officers on the scene following Wednesday's attack.

    "I saw Søren standing over the horrible incident and it just made me think it could have been one of our local officers who was killed," Oakley told us.

    Oakley said he was reminded of the multitude of unseen ways in which his local officers had supported the community, including preventing gangs from gaining entry to his pub.

    "Søren’s been coming here for 13 years and has always gone above and beyond," he continued.

    "Police get such a bad rap for various things, and I thought, For once let's just take a step back and just say thank you, we appreciate you, and we will support you."

    Deeply touched and very grateful to everyone who has visited our stations and sent in messages of support today. Th…

    Sozza told BuzzFeed News he was "humbled by Mark's very kind words of appreciation and am encouraged by his defiance to being affected by the incident".

    He told us he was saddened by the loss of his colleague Palmer and the members of public that lost their lives.

    "My thoughts go out to their families and to my injured colleagues with all the other casualties and those who witnessed the horrific events," Sozza continued.

    "I am proud to have been part of London's police, ambulance, and fire services, with the doctors, nurses, and members of public who rushed forwards to the scene to help the victims."

    He added: "I've just been to visit my kids for their cuddles and smiles; poignantly aware of those that could not return to their loved ones."

    Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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