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People Are Furious About Being Asked To #CleanForTheQueen

"Because 'scrub the fucking streets you poor bastards' can't actually be a real out loud idea, right?" one man tweeted.

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Britain has been asked to get a grip on littering as part of a new campaign, Clean for the Queen, in time for the monarch's 90th birthday celebrations later this year.

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Following news that communities minister Marcus Jones will double fines for dropping rubbish to £150, according to The Telegraph, the Clean for the Queen campaign is "calling on individuals, volunteer groups, local councils, businesses and schools to do their bit in tidying the streets".

An official group cleaning weekend will take place from 4-6 March.

But people don't seem best pleased about cleaning up for her majesty, as the hashtag #CleanForTheQueen would suggest.

#CleanForTheQueen Clean away the queen. Ridiculous ancient monument.

Some felt the country might have more pressing priorities than de-littering the streets.

It's a shame that #CleanForTheQueen is catchier than the more accurate #StopSavagePoliticallyMotivatedCutsToCouncilBudgetsForTheQueen

There are over 100k kids homeless in Britain but this gov't top priority for 2016 is #cleanforthequeen

#CleanForTheQueen? ►Stop councils sacking street cleaners ►Reduce packaging ►Reverse "time-poverty" OR, roll up your sleeves, your "Maj".

Others were more up for it... for a fee.

Sure I'll #cleanforthequeen, for a living wage, when she tells her govt to collect tax the rich should be paying & restore public services.

A lot of people just seemed to think it was a bit of a cheek, really.

#CleanForTheQueen That's what we need in these hard times; to all do our bit for the most fortunate person in the country. For free.

If you see me not dropping litter please do not assume I am doing it for the queen #CleanForTheQueen

If I #CleanForTheQueen do I have permission to borrow her staff to do it? Or maybe we just don't litter without feudal pressure required?

Or at the very least, just a quite bad idea.

What the fuck is #CleanForTheQueen? Because "scrub the fucking streets you poor bastards" can't actually be a real out loud idea, right?

As the cleaning weekend drew nearer, Mayor of London Boris Johnson and justice secretary Michael Gove took a break from Brexit campaigning to urge people to tidy.

Gove and Johnson were among 70 MPs who joined the official launch of Clean for the Queen.

But everyone still just took the piss.

#CleanForTheQueen If that's what floats your boat Michael.

People could hardly believe what they were seeing.

In some areas of Britain, the campaign proved counterproductive.

In protest against #cleanforthequeen we've put a mattress in the front garden.

There were some alternative suggestions being floated for those who weren't into the initiative.

Tidy your garage for Nigel Farage. #CleanForTheQueen

I won't #CleanForTheQueen but I may #PukeForTheDuke if I read any more about this antedeluvian feudal obsequiousness

Because people really do not want to clean for the queen.

*Slowly pushes over a bin while making unbroken eye contact with The Queen* #CleanForTheQueen

Not one...

I think with #CleanForTheQueen Britain might have hit Peak Serf.


Me: I love the environment and want to keep my city clean Michael Gove and Boris Johnson: '#CleanForTheQueen!' Me:


#CleanForTheQueen Get the proles to pick up litter to make the streets clean for an unelected head of states 90th birthday (drops crisp bag)

But Balustrade Lanyard, for one, got stuck right in.

Don't mind me, just sprucing up this balustrade. #CleanForTheQueen

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