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9 Sassy Mrs Merton Moments That Will Make You Laugh

The celebrated comedy character created by Caroline Aherne, who has died aged 52, was famous for her sharp wit.

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1. "What first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?" Mrs Merton asked the late magician's wife Debbie McGee.

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2. And to Paul Daniels himself: "Debbie was a hit with the pensioners, you're proof of that yourself."

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3. "When you were a little boy, knocking a football around Belfast, did you ever think you'd one day be famous in every pub in Britain?" Mrs Merton asked footballer George Best.

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She also asked: "If you hadn’t done all of that running around and playing football, would you have been as thirsty?"


5. To controversial comedian Bernard Manning: "It's been a long time since you've been on telly".

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6. "Could you impersonate somebody that tall?" she asked Steve Coogan, referring to her previous guest who was at the time the world's tallest man.

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Coogan is 5ft 9in.

7. "What's acting like? Is it as easy as it looks?" she asked Men Behaving Badly star Martin Clunes.

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9. "Do you think it was a mistake setting EastEnders in London?" she asked famous cockney Barbara Windsor when she joined the show in 1995.

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"It's so depressing! Do you know how much a loaf of bread costs?" Mrs Merton continued.

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