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Muhammad Ali Mourned On Newspaper Front Pages Around The World

The boxing legend died from from septic shock on Friday at the age of 74.

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1. The Observer (UK)

The Observer

2. Sunday Mirror (UK)

The Mirror

3. The Sun on Sunday (UK)

The Sun

4. The Independent digital edition (UK)

The Independent

5. The Sunday Times (UK)

The Sunday Times
The Sunday Times
The Times

6. The Sunday Telegraph (UK)

The Telegraph
The Telegraph

7. Sunday People (UK)

The People
The People

8. Sunday Express (UK)

sunday express

9. New York Post (USA)

New York Post

10. The Times (South Africa)

The Times / Via

11. Le Monde (France)

Le Monde / Via

12. The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)

The Sunday Telegraph / Via

13. Los Angeles Times (USA)

Los Angeles Times /

14. The Washington Post (USA)

Washington Post / Via

15. The Dallas Morning News (USA)

Dallas Morning News / Via

16. Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)

Gulf News / Via

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