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Jeremy Corbyn Swaggered On To "The Last Leg" To Take A Pop At Blair And Cameron

Asked how many Labour MPs he thought were watching the show hoping he "cocked it up", Corbyn estimated, "about half".

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Remember when David Cameron had a pop at Jeremy Corbyn's appearance during a bizarre "you mum" row? Well, the prime minister might have to eat his words at the Labour leader's latest look.

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In a skit that opened his appearance on Channel 4's The Last Leg on Friday night, Corbyn was seen arriving at the comedy show's studio in a white Bentley, wearing a tuxedo, a floor-length white fur coat, and a mischievous look in his eye.

The number plate on Corbyn's chauffeur-driven Bentley read, "Cor Blimey".

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Corbyn said he chose to appear on the show instead of attending a cocktail party, but not before tending to his allotment earlier in the evening.

Confronted about rumours that Tony Blair had "blanked" him at an event celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday on Friday afternoon, Corbyn earnestly confirmed that "there was no handshake".

Former PM Blair has been vocal in his opposition to Corbyn's leadership of the party. In his most recent attack on Thursday, Blair said that Corbyn was guilty of standing by and watching people being beaten and starved while he failed to support military action in Syria.

On Friday's show, Corbyn said that he was waiting for the long-awaited Chilcot Report to come out before responding to Blair's comments. But he did add that, "an arrangement, I believe, was made between the British and US governments in 2002 which led us into the Iraq war in 2003 with no long term plan of what was going to happen.

"We've had a devastating series of wars ever since then and destruction all over the Middle East as a result of that."

He said he stood by the fact that he "was absolutely opposed to the Iraq war," at the time and felt that "the way to bring abut peace in the region is political dialogue."

Corbyn also took the opportunity to reiterate his much-documented opposition to Trident. "I don't believe that nuclear weapons make the world safer," he said, adding that the world must take steps towards nuclear disarmament. "They are only weapons of mass destruction that can kill a very large number of civilians," he added.

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Corbyn's apparent support for Britain to stay within the EU has been under question during the referendum campaign, a point raised by one Last Leg viewer whose question was put to the politician.

Corbyn responded, "I back Remain because I think that the economy is important and obviously links with Europe are important, I think that human rights are important". He added that "I want to be part of Europe to work to defeat the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and work with other people to stop the exploitation of migrant workers all across Europe, including in this country".

Asked why he would not share a stage with Cameron, who also backs the Remain campaign, Corbyn said that they had totally different arguments for Britain staying in the EU.

"He wants to have to have a Europe for the free market. He wants a Europe that is dominated by global corporations. I suspect he wants to sign the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership," Corbyn said.

"I want to see a Europe that is about social cohesion, that is about better human rights, that is about workers' rights, that is also about taking a European approach to helping victims of wars who are going through the most appalling situation on the borders of Europe at the moment, particularly the Syrian refugees."

In lighter-hearted moments, Corbyn revealed that he had once worked on a pig farm. "I looked after 800 pigs," he said. Corbyn was also questioned over whether he would rather have a "knob for a nose or a nose for a knob?".

"You're really stuck on this binary choice thing," he responded.

Asked how many Labour MPs he thought were watching the show hoping he "cocked it up", Corbyn estimated, "about half".

Watch Corbyn's spectacular entrance to The Last Leg here.

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