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Artists Have Created Images To Inspire Change Around Abortion Rights

"The idea is that there is no one way of looking at this issue, it’s not a clear cut thing," The Mine Anthology's creator told BuzzFeed News.

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Karen Harte, who put together the anthology with Jessica Maybury from Girls Like Comics, told BuzzFeed News she was inspired by American feminist comics.

They wanted to create an art book people could share that would show an Irish perspective on abortion.


The eighth amendment of the Irish constitution states that abortion is illegal and punishable by imprisonment unless the life of a pregnant woman is considered to be in immediate danger.

Many have been campaigning for a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment and replace it with legislation that would allow women free, safe, and legal access to abortion. Proceeds from the anthology will be donated to the Abortion Rights Campaign, which is instrumental in driving the movement.

"For so long in Ireland, abortion has been stigmatised and not talked about," Harte said. "In the last few years we’ve seen people coming out more and more to tell their stories, and there is so much power in that."

"There is a huge psychological impact of knowing that once you get pregnant in Ireland, if things don’t go well – you’re on your own," Harte added. "That needs to change."

"I definitely wanted the art to be a mix – in terms of gender, style, content, and tone," Harte said.

"The idea is that there is no one way of looking at this issue, it’s not a clear-cut thing."

"The right to choose, bodily autonomy, reproductive rights affect everyone in so many different ways," she continued.

"It’s cathartic for the artist and eye-opening for the viewer," she said.

"As Carrie Fisher said, 'Take your broken heart and make it into art.'"

"People are hurt, angry, and ready to fight for their rights – we need that passion," she said.

"We also need our storytellers, artists, poets, and writers to translate those emotions into something tangible as a way to reach people."

Harte, like many other abortion rights campaigners in Ireland, believes a referendum on repealing the eighth amendment could be on the horizon.

"I am confident in the power of people to bring about change, but I don’t think this will be an easy change to make," she said.

"We can’t get complacent about this, and everyone has a responsibility to keep up this momentum."

Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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