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Which Rouxmeight Are You?

Find out which centennial 510/508 rouxmeight you are!

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  1. 1. Where can you be found on campus?

    Late night lib
    The Dav or SIS
    In your room
    2nd or 3rd floor of the lib
  2. 2. It's the weekend! Where are you?

    Drinking wine with a few close friends
    At a frat party or at a club, either way it's the weekend and you're out.
    Either in watching a movie or your friends dragged you out.
    If it's not Beta or Sig Ep you're not there
  3. 3. At a party most likely to:

    Stealing something that no one knows how or where you got it but it's now in your room with the other things you've collected during the year.
    Try to take a shot but spitting in on someone and determining if that girl is important by how many brothers know her
    On the dance floor with my friends
    Not really my scene
  4. 4. Favorite Genre of Music?

    Some version of pop?
    Christian music
    Classic Rock
  5. 5. Place you call home

    Houston, Texas
    Houston, Texas
    New York BABY
    California! West coast, best coast
  6. 6. What are you watching?

    Something the CW is playing
    You're watching Doctor Who
    Something funny
    Korean dramas
  7. 7. Drink of choice?

    Whatever it is, we're taking shots of it
    White wine
    Red wine
  8. 8. Dogs?

    DOGS??!! WHERE?
    OMG DOG!
    That's nice?

Which Rouxmeight Are You?

You got: Sheridan! (aka Chritt)

Congrats you dropped your anchor! DG through and through but nerd at heart. You're proficient in SIS and all things Harry Potter. You love makeup, yelling at your mom and mint mojitos from Philz. Most likely to compliment you and call you a sister when drunk.

Sheridan! (aka Chritt)
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You got: Emma!

Congrats you got sweet Emma Rawley! You enjoy reading while sipping coffee and listening to Disney music. You love to perfectly dissect all literature, Harry Potter and Disney movies. You pride yourself on your knowledge on the use of the oxford comma and love a good glass of white wine. You are the sophisticated one.

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You got: Esther!

Congrats you got pure Esther! You spend every Sunday at Church and enjoy eating Chinese food with Sriracha in your room. You love your Korean dramas and are always down for a nice cup of tea. You were wild once your freshman year (or so you say) and have since calmed down. You are the purest of the group and the most stylish.

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You got: Laura!

Congrats you got Laura! You're the rowdy one of the group. You live in the Dav and will have long in depth discussions about the world in Spanish and not remember it the next day. You love memes, spending time with friends and will drop everything to pet a dog a mile away. You will make a joke out of everything and a friend out of everyone.

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