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    14 Reasons Your Pet Is Actually The Best Valentine's Date

    Whether you're single or in a relationship, your pet really should have your heart this valentine’s day. So ditch the fancy restaurant with your boyfriend/girlfriend, the drunk singles night out with your friends or the awkward tinder date and get cosy with your dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, parrot, snake, lizard, pony or even your fish... AKA the one you truly love.

    1. You can eat and drink as much as you want! / Via

    They will not judge you for eating an entire pizza and drinking half a bottle of gin by yourself. Aaaaand you can even eat garlic bread. They have just licked their privates for crying out loud, they’re not in a position to judge.

    2. You can lock them in a room with you and force them to spend time with you! / Via

    They have no choice and it's not considered harassment!

    3. Similarly, you can force cuddles and kisses upon them / Via

    and shout how much you love them over and over, and again it's not harassment. Or psychotic. Kinda.

    4. You don't need to get all dressed up or even brush your hair for a date night with your furry pal! / Via

    Sitting in a pair of tatty 3 year old joggers and a blanket is just the way they love you!

    5. You get to choose what film to watch. / Via

    Free reign of the remote and Netflix is some treat, hello Magic Mike, we meet again...

    6. When they get needy for attention it's cute / Via

    instead of your clingy (ex) bf/gf who is mega irritating! You won't need to pretend to be asleep to avoid them tonight, am I right!?

    7. There are no strings attached! / Via

    Yeh, you watched Midsomer Murders with my mum last night, Kasha, it's fine, I just care that you're here now. And I'm still allowed to find other dogs cute too. Win-win.

    8. No expectations for a valentines present, therefore no disappointments. / Via

    As they do not know what valentines is. Cuddles and maybe a treat and they’re happy as Larry!

    9. You won’t get a half hearted last minute card from the garage on their way home from work. / Via

    No ugly lil card from your pet gecko. Or in some cases, no "ironic" valentine card saying "For my fiancé..." like an ex may or may not have given you...

    10. If you cry about your miserable love life (even you relationshipees) your pet won’t make fun of you. / Via

    They won't judge you and a big hug from them will make you feel 36883279x better. FACT!

    11. No clock watching or excuses to go home early! / Via

    Ever been on a terrible date and just really wanted to just go home? With your lil four legged friend you're guaranteed to have a nice cuddly night already in the comfort of your own home. Ideal!

    12. You can talk in your cringey pet voice all night! / Via

    Let's be honest, who doesn't love talking like a baby to their wee cutie. I don’t imagine that would go down too well in the middle of a tinder date. "Whoooo's sooo goooorgeous!?"

    13. They don’t talk!!! No one gibbering on and asking 2462874 questions through the movie! / Via

    Plus, no arguing either. Peace perfect peace! Unless you have a parrot or budgie..

    14. The love is mutual! / Via

    They love you as much as you love them, and they're not gonna chuck you next week or kiss your friend at a party... well dogs might but at least that’s innocent.

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