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    50 Pictures That Will Make You Realise How Small You Really Are

    With a prize of £10,000, judges carefully selected images in each category for this year's Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016.

    Overall Winner – Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016

    "Baily's Beads"

    Aurora Winner

    "Twilight Aurora"

    Aurora Runner-up

    "Black and White Aurora"

    Galaxies Winner

    "M94: Deep Space Halo"

    Galaxies Runner-Up

    "Towards the Small Magellanic Cloud"

    Planets, Comets, and Asteroids Winner

    "Serene Saturn"

    Planets, Comets, and Asteroids Runner-Up

    "Comet Catalina"

    Our Sun Runner Up

    "Sun Flower Corona"

    Our Sun Highly Commended

    "Huge Filaprom"

    Our Moon Winner

    "From Maurolycus to Moretus"

    Our Moon Runner-Up

    "Rise Lunation"

    Young Astronomy Photographer Winner

    "Lunar Reversal"

    Young Astronomy Photographer Runner-Up

    "What the City Does Not Show You"

    Best Newcomer Winner

    "Large Magellanic Cloud"

    Robotic Scope Winner


    Stars and Nebulae Winner

    "The Rainbow Star"

    Stars and Nebulae Runner-Up

    "Perseus Molecular Cloud"

    Skyscapes Winner

    "Binary Haze"

    Skyscapes Runner-Up

    "Silent Waves of the Sky: Noctilucent Clouds"

    People and Space Winner

    "City Lights"

    People and Space Runner-Up

    "Man on the Moon"

    Shortlisted Images

    "A Fork, a Spoon and a Moon"

    "Above the World"


    "Antarctic Space Station"

    "Aurora Bird"

    "Auroral Nuggets"

    "Between the Rocks"

    "Crystal Brilliance"

    "Celestial Veil"

    "Five Plus Two"

    "Flash Point"

    "Frozen Giant"

    "ISS under Venus and the Moon"

    "Just Missed the Bullseye"

    "King of the Planets"

    "M8: Lagoon Nebula"

    "M82: Starburst Galaxy with a Superwind"

    "Moon Reflection"

    "Northern Lights over Jokulsarlon, Iceland"

    "Painted Hills"

    "Parallel Mountains"

    "Pickering’s Triangle"

    "Seven Magic Points"


    "The Diamond Ring"

    "The Disconnection Event"

    "The Joy of Seven Sisters"

    "Venus Rising"

    "Wall of Plasma"