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    15 Jun 2020

    21 Reasons Tasmania Should Be Taken Off Your Bucket List Immediately

    White sand beaches, untouched natural forests, cute wildlife...nothing I haven't seen before.

    1. There are far too many beautiful beaches to choose from in Tassie.

    2. I mean, are you trying to make all the other Aussie beaches feel bad?

    3. The scenery isn’t really worth mentioning either.

    4. And the views from Mount Wellington are a bit hard on the eyes.

    5. The walks and hikes aren’t that exciting.

    6. And the waterfalls are nothing to write home about.

    7. Cradle Mountain is just trying too hard.

    8. And that darn produce is far too fresh.

    9. Meanwhile, Tassie’s cool-climate wines are inconveniently delicious.

    10. And don't get me started on the vineyards.

    11. I mean, who would want to wake up to views like this?

    12. I guess the wildlife is okay, though.

    13. But the coastline doesn’t really do anything that interesting.

    14. And those rock formations are a bit of a yawn.

    15. Basically, the nature is too natural.

    16. And the atmosphere is far too peaceful.

    17. This is a terrible place to have a picnic, really.

    18. Not to mention, the locals are weirdly friendly and will actually say “hi” to you.

    19. Don’t even get me started on the lush, grass paddocks...

    20. And those purple lavender fields are a bit of an eyesore.

    21. Okay, I give in. You’re pretty darn special, Tasmania. 😍

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