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4 Reasons Laughland’s Teeth-Whitening Kit Should Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

You’re just one purchase away from having the brightest smile in the room.

Every smile is unique, and so is this at-home teeth-whitening kit from Laughland. If whitening strips, pens, and toothpastes have failed you in the past, this simple and pain-free kit is the solution you've been searching for!

the complete laughland teeth-whitening kit

Having already brightened over 100,000 smiles worldwide, there are just as many reasons why this kit deserves prime real estate in your medicine cabinet — but here's a quick few for starters!

1. Laughland is the world's *only* personalized teeth-whitening kit! All it takes is a 60-second quiz for these wizards to whip up a formula perfect for your soon-to-be pearly whites.

2. It's as easy to use as every other type of whitening product you've tried, except there's one key difference — it *actually* works. That may come as a shock to those of you who've been struggling with discoloration for a while, but you're not alone. Reviewers were just as pleasantly surprised!

3. It's absolutely pain-free and perfect for people with sensitive teeth — because a beautiful smile is useless if you're constantly grimacing in agony.

4. You can get it right now for $35 (50% off!), making it even *more* affordable than usual!

Take your quiz today to receive your personalized Laughland kit — and maybe send us a thank-you selfie while you're at it. We deserve to be the first ones to see that brand-new smile of yours!

a model holding a laughland mouthpiece next to another model holding a mug