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14 Things Guaranteed To Give You FOMO

The fear of missing out can be crippling. Stave off the despair! Gather your friends for an unforgettable trip to Las Vegas.

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1. Getting a text that says "Are you here?" without context.

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2. Your friends are planning a vacation together, and you couldn't get time off work.

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3. At a party, you miss a joke that makes everyone crack up, and they're all laughing too hard to tell you what it was.

4. When you wait too long to buy your concert tickets, and then you're nowhere near the rest of your friends.

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5. Making plans, you say you're free any day but Friday, and then everyone else says Friday is best for them.

6. You accidentally leave a group chat with all of your friends and can't figure out how to get back in.

7. The photos from the party you couldn't go to make everyone look really, really good.

8. When no one is responding to your texts, and you're paranoid that they're all hanging out without you.

9. You're in someone's profile picture... or would be, if they hadn't cropped you out of the shot.

10. Everyone starts dancing and singing to a song you've never heard.

11. When one of your friends texts you "Jessica says hi!"

12. When your friends plan a double-date night, but you're single.

13. When you're at a party, and your friend hands you a camera to "take a picture of the whole group!"

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14. You're with a group of five friends at an amusement park, and the roller coaster only seats four in a row.

Don't be left out. Grab a friend and get to Vegas: