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11 Things You Have To Do On Your First Trip To Vegas

Stop putting it off; it's your year! Grab a friend and plan your trip today.

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1. Crash a wedding at a chapel. Any chapel.


Or better yet, get hitched yourself! Who cares if you only just met...

2. Splash around at the Shark Reef Aquarium.


If you're fascinated by sharks, great! If you're scared to death of them, then this may not be such a good idea. Do it anyway.

3. If that's not enough for you, ride a water slide through a tank of sharks.


If you find yourself in a long dark tunnel, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LIGHT!

4. Zip line off a perfectly good building for no particular reason.


It's a vertical drop, and it's completely safe. Plus you'll go home with the craziest story ever.

5. Gorge like there's no tomorrow at one of the incomparable buffets.

Studio Ghibli / Spirited Away / Via

Then do it again. This is gluttony at its finest.

6. Hit up happy hour in a glass room as you gaze out among the clouds.


No joke, the Mix Lounge at Mandalay Bar has one of the best views in the city.

7. Become mesmerized by the Fountains of Bellagio.


Seriously, you could stare at this all day.

8. Experience true American Muscle firsthand.


Get behind the wheel of your dream car and go for a cruise through the Vegas desert. Just remember to turn the car back in when you're finished — it won't be easy, we know.

9. Take a walk into the past at The Neon Museum.


If nostalgia is your thing, look no further. This museum is all about the famous vintage neon signs we all know Vegas for.

10. See at least ONE great show.


There is literally something for everyone.

11. No matter what you do, just get out there and enjoy it.


Go ahead and tempt fate, it just might be your night to get lucky!

It's your year! Book your trip to Vegas today: