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11 Reasons Vegas Is Filled With Pride All Year-Round

It really is a match made in heaven. See why Las Vegas is the ultimate playground for any LGBT traveler to be themselves and have a blast... Vegas style!

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1. For starters, if you thought Vegas wouldn't deliver on the prideful nightlife, hold on to your hats boys and girls...

Oh, you want clubs? Oh... we GOT clubs. With places like Krave, Piranha, and Share, there really is no shortage of places to really let loose and get a little wild. Mmm-ch, mmm-ch, mmm-ch.

2. And the parties just continue to get bigger… and bigger… and bigger...

Matinée Las Vegas is one of the largest LGBT dance parties to grace the city. You know, just spend your Memorial Day with world-renowned DJs and five insane dance parties, NBD.

3. There are pool parties FA DAYYYZ (OK, maybe only on weekends, but still).

DJ Pornstar & DJ Ryan Kenny
David Becker / Stringer / Getty Images

DJ Pornstar & DJ Ryan Kenny

Remember that time when Las Vegas was in a desert? Well, there are still great ways to cool off and have fun. Start your Saturday off with daybeds and DJs at Tropicana's Xposed! pool party, and celebrate your "day of rest" with Luxor's Temptation Sundays.

4. And the girls DO NOT mess around with their fun in the sun.

Hey laaaadiiiiies! Shedonism is known for being the "original women’s weekend in Las Vegas" at the Rumor Hotel. You have nighttime parties, celebrity DJs, and of course, some good ol' showgirls — it's the ladies' party you've always dreamed of.

5. Because cowboys come from coast to coast to get their "yeehaw" on.

Jodi Jacobson / Getty Images

This ain't your typical rodeo, because it's 1,000x better. The Bighorn Rodeo is a yearly, weekend-long LGBT rodeo for everyone to get their cowboy fix. And when the rodeo isn't going on, there are poker tournaments, Western-themed bar crawls, and of course, pool parties.


Ronin 47 / Splash News
REX USA / Brian Rasic / Rex

LISTEN UP, PEOPLE! Godney herself Britney Spears has now had a residency at Planet Hollywood for two years, and Olivia Newton-John just began her long stay at The Flamingo until the end of August 2014.

7. And every other iconic "diva" in between for you to lose your MIND over.

Gabe Ginsberg / Contributor / Getty Images
Gabe Ginsberg / Contributor / Getty Images
Gabe Ginsberg / Contributor / Getty Images

Leave it to the professionals. One of the best and most iconic drag shows on the strip, Divas Las Vegas showcases the best of the best when it comes to famous female impersonators. All your favorite divas, all in one place. Done.

8. Because the hotels know what's up to make sure everyone has a "gay ol' time."

Ed Norton / Getty Images

Wynn and Encore offer an exclusive LGBT concierge to help you plan your activities! And hotels including Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, and the gay-exclusive Blue Moon resort, are all highly ranked for their services to the LGBT community!

9. Because it's the largest place for athletes to really get their game on.

With over 7,000 athletes (mmmhmmm), Sin City Shootout is the largest LGBT sporting event in the world. Whether you're playing, just gazing on the sidelines, or enjoying the many afterparties following the big game, it's fun no matter what team you play on.

10. Because Gay Days is practically everything you've ever asked for.

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Gay Days Las Vegas is a weeklong period when the whole city is just for us. With live events, expos, and parties practically every night, it's an unforgettable week that's definitely worth the trip.

11. And finally, we know how to throw one hell of a pride that only Vegas can get away with!

JMR_Photography / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: jmrosenfeld
JMR_Photography / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: jmrosenfeld

While all pride parades are awesome, no one does it quite like Vegas.

You see? No matter who you are, Las Vegas is the place to be...

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