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Here Are 20 Really Stupid Questions To Ask Yourself

Stupid questions can be hilarious sometimes, especially when such questions are asked by friends. In other situations, they can be very annoying and just plain stupid, making you wonder if the person asking the question is in their right mind.

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3. Why does mineral water that has “trickled through mountains for centuries” go out of date next year?

4. Why do toasters always have a setting on them which burns your toast to a horrible crisp no one would eat?

5. How come you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?

11. Why is there a light in the fridge but not in the freezer?

12. Is sand called "sand" because it is between the Sea and Land?

14. Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?

18. Is is called the "Pilot episode" because it's the first one that's put on air?

20. Why is the word for “a fear of long words,” hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, so long?

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