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Some Tweets About Hurricane Irma.

Good Luck Guys.

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7. How bad it really is.

Damages from #HurricaneIrma to the island of Barbuda could exceed $150M, according to PM Gaston Browne.

6. Disney land never closes.

Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld to close due to #HurricaneIrma


5. Even thought its looking really bad....

When #HurricaneIrma really let's you get your priorities straight @ChipotleTweets

There's Humor Everywhere

4. We also have some famous people here too Supporting.

I’ve been watching the #HurricaneIrma coverage. Sending positive vibes to Florida and surrounding areas.

3. Her too

If you are in or near projected path of #HurricaneIrma please listen to local law enforcement in the area. Stay safe!!!

2. And Rihanna

on my knees just praying for my Caribbean people this morning!! My heart goes out to you in a time like this!!! #HurricaneIrma

1. Please consider evacuating if you're in Florida.But if you're staying be prepared. And you're not alone.

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