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    Zendaya Paid Tribute To Late Singer Ronnie Spector In A Touching Instagram Post And Shared A Polaroid Of The Two Of Them

    "This news just breaks my heart."

    The world continues to mourn late singer Ronnie Spector.

    Spector sits on a director's chair with her name on it

    Zendaya recently took to Instagram to share a Polaroid of her and Spector, along with a touching tribute to the iconic artist.

    The Polaroid of Zendaya and Ronnie

    "This news just breaks my heart," she wrote. "To speak about her as if she’s not with us feels strange as she is so incredibly full of life. There’s not a time I saw her without her iconic red lips and full teased hair, a true rockstar through and through."

    Ronnie looks at the camera

    "Ronnie, being able to know you has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Thank you for sharing your life with me, I could listen to your stories for hours and hours. Thank you for your unmeasured talent, your unwavering love for performing, your strength, resilience and your grace."

    Spector leans against a tree with her hand on her chin

    "There is absolutely nothing that could dim the light you cast. I admire you so much and am so grateful for the bond we share. You are a magical force of greatness and the world of music will never be the same."

    Spector lies in grass

    "I wish everyone got to experience you the way I did. We celebrate your beautiful life and give you all the flowers you so rightfully deserve."

    Spector performs live on stage

    "Rest in great power Ronnie. I hope to make you proud."

    Ronnie looks in the distance

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