Katherine Heigl Revealed The Real Reason Why She Left "Grey's Anatomy" And Said The Way She Pulled Herself From Emmys Consideration "Wasn't Very Nice"

    "The rumors that I refused to return were totally untrue.”

    If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, you probably know all about Katherine Heigl's shocking departure from the show in 2010.

    Katherine Heigl smiles in a direction off camera while wearing scrubs

    Or do you? The Daily Telegraph has an excerpt from writer Lynette Rice's new book, How to Save a Life: the Inside Story of Grey's Anatomy, and apparently it features Heigl setting the record straight on why she really decided to leave the show.

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    “I started a family, and it changed everything,” Heigl says in the excerpt. “It changed my desire to work full-time. I went on family leave and just got to be a [mom], and it changed my whole perspective…that was really the turning point."

    Heigl looks at a laptop with her hand touching her face while wearing scrubs

    "So before I was due back, I spoke again to Shonda about wanting to leave. Then I waited at home until I was given the formal okay that I was off the show. The rumors that I refused to return were totally untrue.”

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    In the book, Heigl also explains — and offers some regret about — how she handled withdrawing herself from Emmys consideration for Grey's in 2008. (She won the previous year.)

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    "I thought I was doing the right thing. And I wanted to be clear that I wasn’t snubbing the Emmys,” she explained. “The night I won was the highlight of my career. I just was afraid that if I said, ‘No comment,’ it was going to come off like I couldn’t be bothered [to enter the race]."

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    "I could have more gracefully said that without going into a private work matter," Heigl continued. "It was between me and the writers. I ambushed them, and it wasn’t very nice or fair.”

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    Read the entire excerpt here.