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    Uma Thurman Explained Her Feelings About Her Daughter Maya Hawke Becoming An Actor And, You Know What, I Get It

    "It's a complicated career."

    You've seen Maya Hawke in things like Stranger Things, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Fear Street Part One: 1984.

    Maya poses with her hand on her hip in a slightly sheer gown

    You might also know that her mother is legendary actor Uma Thurman.

    Uma has her picture taken

    In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Uma talked about her own apprehensions when it came to Maya taking on the family business.

    Thurman poses for a photo at a step-and-repeat

    “It’s a complicated career,” Uma explained while talking about her initial reservations. "She's a sensitive person."

    Maya poses for a photo

    “Any protective parent would be anxious for their child to go into the public arena, not because they want to be in the public arena, but because they’re so creative."

    Maya smiles for a photo on the red carpet

    Although Uma admitted that parents typically "wish they’d find any other way to be creative," she eventually stopped worrying about Maya after seeing her act.

    Maya holds her hands apart

    “She’s, in the end, such a brilliant actress," Uma said. "Obviously, there’s nothing else that she would have ever done."

    Maya smiles in front of lockers

    “Her talent was so big. It’s what she had to do.”

    Hawke poses for a photo

    Watch the whole interview below:

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