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    "The Gilded Age" Star Louisa Jacobson Got Real About How Uncomfortable It Was To Wear A Corset

    "The things women had to do — the corset was crazy."

    If you've been watching HBO's The Gilded Age, then you know Louisa Jacobson — she plays Marian Brook.

    Louisa sits at a table

    The show's set in the late 1800s, so the costuming is pretty elaborate — and as Louisa revealed during a recent appearance on the Reign With Josh Smith podcast, it takes a toll on your body too.

    Louisa holds an umbrella

    "It took a long time to get used to that corset after wearing sweatpants for so long," she said while talking about donning the restrictive garment after pandemic life.

    Louisa walks with Denée Benton

    Louisa also said that she "suffered" from the decision to request a tight corset.

    Louisa stands in front of an oil lamp in a room

    "It was taxing physically and mentally. I couldn't sleep on my side for a long time because my ribs were so sore."

    Louisa stands with Harry Richardson and Taissa Farmiga

    A few months into filming, Louisa realized that she needed to "loosen" the situation up with "corset breaks." "After every take or between setups, I would ask my dresser to untie the corset so that I could get a break," she described.

    Two characters talking outside next to a bench in "The Gilded Age"

    Ultimately, Louisa learned a sense of deep gratitude from the experience — specifically, for the fact that she doesn't live in the 1800s.

    Louisa looks at Kelli O'Hara

    "Every day when I took it off, I was so grateful, and I will never take for granted being a female-identifying person in 2022, who does have the freedom to put on a pair of pants that are kind of loose and call it a day. The things women had to do — the corset was crazy."

    Louisa and Denée stand outside

    Listen to the entire episode here.