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    Try Not To Get Inspired By Taylor Swift's Message To The USA Olympic Gymnastics Team

    "Life can surprise you."

    Taylor Swift is here for the USA Olympic gymnastics team.

    Taylor Swift poses with her hand on her hip at a red carpet event while wearing a two-piece outfit
    Jmenternational / JMEnternational for BRIT Awards / Getty Images

    The pop superstar lent her voice to a promo for the Tokyo Olympics women’s all-around gymnastics finals set to air later tonight, recapping the USA team's journey so far.

    They've worked for this. They've dreamed about this. They belong here. Couldn't have said it better ourselves, @taylorswift13. The #TokyoOlympics women's all-around. 8 p.m. ET tonight. NBC and

    @NBCOlympics / Via / NBCOlympics/status/1420802296187871242

    "Life can surprise you," Swift begins over footage of the team training. "It can humble you. It can test you. It can inspire you."

    Mykayla Skinner in the air during the artistic gymnastics balance beam event
    Loic Venance / AFP via Getty Images

    "They didn't expect this to be the story, but that doesn't mean they weren't ready for the spotlight."

    Simone Biles stands with her arms out near her sides during the artistic gymnastics final at the 2020 Olympics
    Ulrik Pedersen / NurPhoto via Getty Images

    Swift is more than likely referring to Simone Biles' withdrawal from the all-around Olympic final; teammates Suni Lee and Jade Carey have stepped up to replace her since.

    "They've worked for this. They've dreamed about this. They belong here."

    Grace McCallum flips on the vault with her hands on the vault during the all-around final
    Sergei Bobylev / Sergei Bobylev/TASS / Via Getty Images

    "So don't be surprised when the story takes flight from here."

    Jordan Chiles flies in the air diagonally during the artistic gymnastics final
    Ulrik Pedersen / NurPhoto via Getty Images

    It's official: We're pumped. Tune in to the all-around final tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, and catch up on BuzzFeed's Tokyo Olympics coverage too.

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