Taylor Swift Has Been Giving Herself Haircuts Since Lockdown And I Can Relate

    "That's kind of how it's been."

    Taylor Swift just released her second album of 2020, Evermore. It's great.

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    While talking about the new album with Zane Lowe, Taylor admitted that she hasn't gotten a single haircut since quarantine started — not only that, but she's been turning the scissors on her own dome.

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    "I haven't had a haircut by anyone except for myself since lockdown started," she admitted. "And that's kind of how it's been."

    Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry on September 16, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee

    That means that Taylor styled herself for both Folklore and Evermore's accompanying photos — and she had good reason to do so, too.

    Taylor Swift attends the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

    "How can I make art and make visuals that go with this art where I can't ask my hair and makeup people and my stylist to quarantine for two weeks away from their families?" she asked.

    Taylor Swift poses with the Best Solo Act In The World Award at O2 Academy Brixton on Feb. 12, 2020

    "I'm not going to ask them to do that, and ask them to fly and expose themselves to the virus. So how can I possibly make a cover on my own? Could I just sort of DIY this?"

    Taylor worked with a photographer who "works alone" to capture the images, on the fly: "We were carrying bags of film out in fields. And I'd be touching up my lipstick and then I'd run out into a field and she'd take pictures. It was really fun."

    Impressive stuff, considering how it all turned out. Is there anything Taylor Swift can't do? ANYTHING?!?